Medical tourism companies in India – Saving lives since ever!

Medical tourism in India has been preferred over a long time. People find the suitable treatment here. Medical Tourism companies in India plays an important role in attracting the customers from all over the world. Most people come from the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc. India has provided great success results in the most complex surgeries […]

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Hair Loss Causes and Solutions [Infographic]


Hair loss is a very common problem these days. The causes of the hair loss can be depression, lack of protein, anaemia or chemotherapy and low vitamins levels in the body too. Some other causes may include hormonal alterations that occur during puberty, menopause or pregnancy. If you want to know the essential vitamins for preventing hair loss please follow […]

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Quantiferon TB-Gold’- A powerful Diagnostic Tool for Tuberculosis!!!

QFT analysis TB

What is Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs. But the responsible bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, can also damage the other parts of the body. According to WHO, compared with other diseases caused by a single infectious agent, tuberculosis is the second biggest killer, globally. In 2015, 1.8 million people died from the disease with 10.8 million […]

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Food Poisoning of Bangladesh

food poisoning

Food poisoning is an acute gastro-enteritis caused by ingestion of food or drink contaminated with either living bacteria or their toxins or inorganic chemical substances and poisons derived from plants and animals. Food poisoning is characterized by a. History of ingestion of common food. b. Attack of many persons at the same time c. Similarity of signs and symptoms in […]

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Felty’s Syndrom – What is it? Medical Review

Felty’s Syndrom

What is Felty’s Syndrom? Felty’s syndrome is defined by the clinical triad of neutropenia, splenomegaly, and nodular Rheumatoid Arthritis and is seen in less than 1% of patients, although its incidence appears to be declining in the face of more aggressive treatment of the joint disease. It typically occurs in white patients in the late stages of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. […]

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Mitral Stenosis X-Ray Findings with Figure


Mitral Stenosis, X-Ray Findings with Figure What is Mitral Stenosis? There are four valves in heart. One of them is Mitral valve which is situated between Left atrium and left ventricle. If the Valve becomes stenosed (narrow), then it is called mitral stenosis. Common causes of Mitral Stenosis: Most Common Cause is Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease, in 50% cases history […]

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Leishmaniasis or Kalazar – Sandfly is the Culprit to Spread

Leishmaniasis or Kalazar Leishmaniasis are a group of protozoal diseases caused by parasites of genus Leishmania, and transmitted to man by the bite of female phlebotomine sand-fly.  They are responsible for various for various syndrome in humans as ⦁    Kalaazar or visceral leishmaniasis (VL) ⦁    Muco-cutaneous leishmaniasis (MCL) ⦁    Anthroponotic Cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) ⦁    Zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis (ZCL) ⦁    Post kalaazar […]

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Psoriasis – Etiology, Pathogenesis and Clinical Features


Psoriasis – Etiology, Pathogenis and Clinical features Psoriasis Definition: Psoriasis is a common chronic recurrent multifactorial disease characterized by cutaneous inflammation, silvery scales, and parakeratotic immature cells in the stratum corneum due to accelerated epidermopoesis. Aetiology of Psoriasis Genetic Environmental Trauma Stress Infection Drugs i.      Anti-malarial ii.      B-Blocker iii.      NSAIDs iv.      Lithium v.      Alcohol Sunlight – 10% of the patient […]

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