10 Tips On How To Express Yourself Well In English


The English Language is universal. There is hardly any part of the world where you can’t find English speakers. Even some non-native English speakers strive to express themselves perfectly in written and spoken English. If you want to become a paper writer, you must learn to speak and write flawless English whether you’re a native speaker or not. 10 Tips […]

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The Secret to Leading a Winning Virtual Team


Employers often complain about productivity in the workplace, and with good reason: almost two trillion dollars are lost each year due to low productivity. To help improve productivity, many businesses are turning to technology. One of the main ways technology can help improve the workplace is by giving rise to new sectors, ideas and — fewer of doing things, as we have seen with Bangladesh’s service sector growth. Technology’s […]

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How to Differentiate Love from Attachment?


If you were in love, congratulations, you are a normal functional human being with an abundance of feelings. But how many times after a break-up you heard phrases like “your love is uncontrollable” or “you should have been more timid and acceptant.” How much love is too much love? What differentiates the most poetic feeling from an unhealthy fixation on a certain […]

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Top Ten Gifts Idea of Valentine 2018 for Men

Valentine Men Gift 2015

Top ten Valentine gifts idea for men of 2018 is here. 14 February is Happy Valentine day for all over the world. For Valentine, every couple has some unique plan to give some gifts to his her partner. But it’s tough to find out the best gift for men on Valentine’s Day. I am Toufiq Hassan, a young blogger, and doctor […]

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7 Countries that Said ‘Adios’ to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

fossil fuels

China is one of the biggest polluters on Earth. This huge country has already felt the devastating effects of their actions. The level of air pollution in Beijing is one of the worst in the world. This is why they have taken steps to solve the problem. China has promised to head towards clean energy and reduce dependence on fossil […]

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Is Processed Meat the New Tobacco?


While you are reading these lines, processed meat is probably being ostracized in hundreds of articles all over the Internet. A simple search for “processed meat cancer” generates no less than 2,210, 000 results from child care concern websites to human rights blogs. The frenzy is for a good cause, though. Numerous studies have shown that there is a link […]

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Slim dress Tips Makes You Naturally Slim | Fashion Tips

Slim Dress Tips

Slim dress is one of the most easy technique to get good and charming impression. Dresses are always very important for impression. Sometimes Dress can make u look like very slim and beautiful. If you want to become naturally slim looking, you have to follow some dress code. Today I am going to give you a bunch of tips. If […]

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