10 Tips On How To Express Yourself Well In English

The English Language is universal. There is hardly any part of the world where you can’t find English speakers. Even some non-native English speakers strive to express themselves perfectly in written and spoken English. If you want to become a paper writer, you must learn to speak and write flawless English whether you’re a native speaker or not.


10 Tips To Help You Express Yourself In English

1. Think Before You Speak/Type

When you’re addressing a formal audience, you need to think about the words before you say or write them. This doesn’t mean you have to take long pauses after each statement.

2. Know Your Audience

There is formal English, and there is colloquial English. It would be inappropriate to use colloquial English when you’re addressing a formal audience and vice versa.

3. Read Real English Publications

This doesn’t mean you should read any publication that is published in English. Some of English fiction books use poetic license to distort language. So, read books that will build your English vocabulary if you want to get better at expressing yourself in English.

4. Listen To Real English Publications

As part of your study, listen to publications that teach you how to speak English. As opposed to reading, listening allows you to learn perfect pronunciations and the use of punctuations. You can decide to listen to the same publications you read.

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5. Devote One Hour A Day To Improving Your English

Depending on your schedule, you can devote one hour in the morning or the evening to studying English. This doesn’t mean you can’t learn throughout the day in other subtle ways. What it means is that when it’s time to study, you’ll drop everything else and focus on learning for one hour.

6. Learn Five New Words Every Day

This may seem like a practice for children, but it can help you improve your vocabulary. There is no way you know the meaning of every word in English. So, learning the meaning of five new words daily will help you know how to use them properly.

7. Teach Someone How To Speak English

“Sometimes, the best way to find what you’re looking for is to help someone else find what they are looking for.” Have you ever heard this quote? Each time you teach another person, you’ll be giving yourself an opportunity to learn as well.

8. Write At Least One Essay Every Two Weeks

Practice makes perfect. Express yourself through essays at least twice a month. The more often you write, the better you’ll get at writing. The same thing applies to speak English fluently. When you use perfect diction regularly, it will eventually become a habit that comes naturally.

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9. Ask A Professional To Proofread Your Essay

Asking a professional to proofread your essay is a good way to improve your English writing skills. You can compare the version that has been edited by a professional with the one you wrote by yourself. This will help you improve subsequently.

10. Track Your Progress And Score Points

It will be difficult to know how much progress you’re making if you’re not keeping track. Tracking your progress helps provide accountability. You can also give yourself points based on how much progress you’re making. Positive reinforcement is priceless.

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Bottom Line

With these ten tips, you will not just become better at speaking English; you’ll also be better at writing English. How you express yourself in English will improve over time. Eventually, you can start earning money with your English writing skills. There are many students who need help with their essays. You can search Google or social media for queries like “I need help with my papers,” “fluent English writer needed for homework help,” and other similar phrases.

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