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Best 10 Online Education Site of Bangladesh is listed in this Topic. We know that education is the backbone of a nation. If a nation can develop its educational sector rapidly, then it can enhance its progress to mass development rapidly. On the other hand, quality education should be ensured for a nation so that the nation can contain the quality of work. Today we gonna show you the list of “Best 10 Online Education Site” serially.


By the way, we are not talking about the importance of education in this article! We are going to provide you top 10 educational websites list in Bangladesh.


By the list of top ten educational websites in Bangladesh, you can be helpful for your educational informational help, getting useful guidelines & tips for study, be a coordinated student and off course you  can help others in the field of education such as your younger brother-sister, student etc.


Okay! You read the introduction of this article. Now it is the high time to move deep. Right? Let’s go!

Best 10 Online Education Site of Bangladesh

  1. Bangladesh Result (

Bangladesh Result is such kind of useful website for Bangladesh educational field which provides various types of the result of various types of field of educational structures in Bangladesh such as SSC result, HSC result, and different universities results. It also provides educational news published from all educational authorities in Bangladesh.


This website is also advance in providing various kinds of technological tips and tricks. By reading this website continually, you will be able to know the educational news, educational results and essential tips about the different field of our life skill including technological field & Medicine field.


Bangladesh Result is a really a useful and helpful website in the field of education in Bangladesh. So I gave it number 1 position in Best 10 Online Education Site of Bangladesh.


  1. Bangla Books PDF (

This site is one of the biggest collection of all Bangla books as PDF format or Free download. This site is in the top position for supplying Bangla Books, novel, and all Bangla educational information.


On the educational field, it is important for reading the textbook of one class and it is good to read alternative books as much as the student can!


We should be very careful while we select a book because we know a good book develop us in many ways. Bangla Books PDF tries to give you the best book from the Bangla literature. You will get all Bangla books, novels, magazine, fantasy, love, inspirational and magazines and it is confirmed that you don’t get bored by reading books from Bangla Books PDF.


From Bangla Books PDF, you will get various types of Books in PDF format but also articles on study tips, Edu result, textbooks, health tips, English learning tips, educational institute background of Bangladesh, creativity tips and so on. So, it is a useful site in the field of education.

  1. Amar Pathshala (

Amarpathshala is a renowned Bangla education site. You will get all Bangla different types of model test and past question paper form Amarpathshala.


This site also provides the video tutorial for the student for helping them properly. So, this site is trying to provide all type of education service for Bangladesh.


  1. Lekha Pora BD (

This is the first academic study site in Bangla Community in Bangla blog site. The purpose of ‘Lekhaporabd’ is to create a community of students at all levels.


This site also is also trying to ensure that education and information services will be provided smoothly. They try to solve all required problem about the study of BD student.


  1. (

It is a Bangla education site that provides free online education and high-quality courses in the Bengali language to rural, disadvantaged and back worth students in Bangladesh and West-Bengal.


This site platform brings together of all educator and researchers to make easy of Bangla education. So, if you are a student, it will be most useful for you.


  1. (

This site is giving all Bangla education information under education ministry for student and teacher of Bangladesh.


You will get all kind of Bangla education resources as the student as presentation. This presentation is made by all best teachers of Bangladesh and turns into a presentation for helping the students and teachers also.


In this website, Many teachers present different kinds of presentations, write articles. So, by this way, teachers qualities also going to increase.


  1. Dainikshiksha (

Dainikshiksha is one of the most read Bangladeshi online newspapers. You will get all news on this site related to education.


This site publishes news based on education and there is a lot of extra Bangla education information on this site.

  1. (

You can say normally, this site is education media of Bangladesh. This is a big educational portal of Bangladeshi people.


If you follow this site, you will get help from this site in competitive exam preparation. This site will give you lot of information about BCS, IBA, BUET, Medical or Dhaka University and after all your Job preparation.

  1. Ghankosh (

This site is an online study room and the store of downloading different types of educational elements.
You will get the information about your textbook from this site.


So, as a student, this site will be very helpful for you.


  1. Srijonshil (

Srijonshil  is the fastest growing E-learning site in Bangladesh and this place will serve you the proper knowledge of creativity that you should learn.


So, in this site school and college level, students can access for their exam preparation through MCQ based.


Now, you are at the end of the following article based on Top 10 educational websites list in Bangladesh. You may have noticed such list before on another website. All of those websites contain only educational news and results. But I’ve tried to present a comprehensive list so that you can get almost all the elements in the field of education. So, you can be ensured that this list is more beneficial.


Author Bio: Mohammad Salauddin Bepari
( writes regularly on Free Bangla Books Download (  and he is a passionate blogger who feels free to write about educational concepts and books. He likes to read and share his knowledge with others.


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