High-carb Diets Make It Harder to Succeed at Work

One traditional Bangladeshi food, white rice, is a carb that is lacking in nutrients that contribute to vitality, according to The Daily Star. If you want to feel your best at work, with a mind to moving up the ladder and making your mark, you may find that dialing down the carbs is a very smart strategy. There are low-carb and no-carb power foods that make it much easier to focus and hit targets in the workplace, whether you’re typing away in an office, talking to customers on the phone or doing any other kind of job. When you opt for these power foods regularly, you’ll find it easier to arrive at work in a fresh and rested state that promotes career success.



Carbs make workers sluggish

It’s hard to perform at work when personal energy is low. Unfortunately, carb-laden foods promote insulin production in the human body. When more insulin is produced, the brain gets bombarded with hormones that cause a sluggish and sleepy feeling. When you nix the carbs or cut back on them, you’ll avoid producing too much of these hormones, which are tryptophan and serotonin. It’ll be easier to stay alert while you’re working. It will also be simpler to wind down before bed, because you were active all day long, rather than being lethargic.

Drink low-carb smoothies for breakfast

Smoothies that are low-carb and packed with important nutrients are excellent breakfast ideas. It’s easy to whip up smoothies in a blender and a smoothie may be poured into a travel mug and enjoyed during a commute. Flax seeds, which have a low level of net digestible carbohydrates, are a great addition to smoothies. So are preferred fruit or/and veggies, as long as they’re relatively low-carb, such as fresh or frozen strawberries, which contain antioxidants that slow down cell damage, ripe cantaloupe (its vitamin E content protects brain health) and rich avocado, which features potassium that lowers blood pressure. Lower blood pressure is linked with better brain health.

If you want to slim down while you boost your mental acuity with smoothies, choose low-carb ingredients that are also low in calories. For example, go for strawberries, rather than avocado, because strawberries contain only 50 calories per cup, versus avocado, which contains 240 calories per cup. To add creaminess to smoothies, plain Greek yogurt will be a diet-friendly, low-carb option. Get creative with smoothie recipes. Just be sure to add low-carb or no-carb ingredients.

Add more fish to your daily diet

Many types of fish, including salmon and mackerel, have zero carb counts. When you consume broiled fish or baked fish at least once per week, you may find that your memory and overall mental sharpness improve. You may even be able to prevent degenerative brain diseases down the line, such as Alzheimer’s disease. For best results, skip the fried fish. Fried fish just doesn’t provide the same brain-boosting benefits, according to a Rush Medical Center study. Fish is one of those power foods that help workers to achieve their own potential, as long as it’s prepared properly. If you’re used to having white rice with fish, you’ll need to find low-carb substitutes. Shredded cabbage and baked cauliflower will be good alternatives.

As you can see, making some simple adjustments to your daily diet will help you to avoid the low energy that carbs can bring. Lowering or eliminating carbs, and replacing those carbs with smoothies and baked or broiled fish will be a great way to access energy and mental sharpness. Use this new vitality and cognitive acuity to make your career as successful as it can be.

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