Vomiting in Pregnancy (Part 1)

Vomitting In Pregnancy

Vomitting in Pregnancy

Vomiting is a symptom which may be related to pregnancy or may be manifestation of some medical, surgical, gynaecological condition.

Vomiting in Pregnancy is very common. To know the Actual cause of Vomiting in Pregnancy is various. Some Cause of Vomiting in Pregnancy is given below.

Cause Of Vomiting :

A) Related to pregnancy –

1) Morning sickness

2) Hyperemesis gravidarum

B) Unrelated to pregnancy.

Medical condition:

Intestinal infestation

Urinary tract infection




Surgical condition:


Peptic ulcer

Intestinal obstruction


Gynaecological condition:

Twisted ovarian tumour

Red degeneration of fibroid.

Simple vomiting (Morning sickness)

    Clinical feature of Morning Sickness:

Nausea & sickness on rising in the morning.

Slight vomiting.

Vomitus is small & clear or bile stained.

It doesn’t produce impairment of health

It does not restrict the normal activity

Vomiting disappear with or without treatment by 12-14th weeks of pregnancy.


High level of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone, estrogen and altered & immunological state are considered responsible for initiation of the manifestation which is probable aggravated by the neurogenic factor.



Avoid fatly & spicy foods.

Taking of dry toast or biscuit

If simple measures fail anti emetic drugs-

•Meclizine – HCL

Take plenty of fluid (2.51 in 24 hours)

Fruit juice.


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