Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Severe Morning Sickness

Definition of Hyperemesis gravidarum:

It is a severe type of vomiting of pregnancy which has got deleterious effect on the health of the mother and/or incapacitates her in day to day activities.

Incidence of Hyperemesis gravidarum:

1 in 1000 pregnancy.

Etiology of Hyperemesis gravidarum:

•Mostly limited to first trimester.

•More common in first pregnancy.

•Has got a familial history (Mother & sister)

•More common in unplanned pregnancy.

•More prevalent in molar pregnancy, multiple pg.

 Theories of Hyperemesis gravidarum:

1)Hormonal – excess of hcG

2)Psychogenic –

3)Dietetic deficiency – Deficiency of vit B6, vit B1, protein.

4)Allergic or immunological basis.

5)Decreased gastric motility.

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