WP Super Cache 304 Response Affect Google Adsense

Recently I have changed my Wp Super Cache Settings From Mod_rewrite to PHP Caching (Advanced). I have enabled the 304 Not Modified Browser Caching which is recommend for PHP caching. Result is I got huge drop in Google Adsense Earning from My site (Bangladesh Result)



What is 304 Response?

304 means Not modified

The requested page hasn’t been modified since the last request. When the server returns this response, it doesn’t return the contents of the page.

You should configure your server to return this response (called the If-Modified-Since HTTP header) when a page hasn’t changed since the last time the requestor asked for it. This saves you bandwidth and overhead because your server can tell Googlebot that a page hasn’t changed since the last time it was crawled.

How Can I know my site is giving 304 response or not?

You can Easily Check the 304 response of website by any developer tools built in with Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are using Firefox just got Developer Tools > Network (Shortcut Key CTRL+SHIFT+Q)

You can find the Same on Google Chrome > Developer Tools > Network.

Screenshot of website timeline in Firefox

Firefox Timeline

Firefox Timeline

When I changed that settings I thought website will load faster coz 70% of the files will be loaded from local PC and 20-30% from the server. And Actually it did, but I observer that Google Adsense huge drop in income. Maybe Google Adbots has some issues with 304 response of some website.

Why Google Adsense Revenue Falls on WP Super Cache PHP with 304 caching?

My personal opinion is When only 20-30% of your site is loading from server, Ads.js only see the server rendering data. They are not fetching the data for the individual client those who clicked on the “Google Ads”. So Revenue is falling. Though its completely a personal though, there can much more elaborate explanation to figure out.

How can you boost Google Adsense Revenue with Using WP Super Cache?

I think Using WP Super Cache with Mod_Rewrite, you will get the most benefit out of it, if your server supports it. Don’t Go for W3 Total Cache, coz I have some bad experience with W3 Total Cache with huge server spike.

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