Why Does Your Website Design looks like Amateur On The Web?

With over 1.8 billion websites on the internet, it pays not to be average. The number one thing all website owners want is organic traffic. Research has shown that the number of employees may contribute to the number of visits a site has and B2B companies that have between six and ten employees can expect 124 unique weekly visitors. But where does this leave the solo entrepreneur?

Web Design Mistakes

Stuck In Vintage Internet

Around 89 unique weekly visitors are what the solo entrepreneur can expect their website to generate, but this hardly generates enough traffic to make a good income from sales or advertising. Many website owners don’t even reach those statistics and a simple reluctance to change could be the reason. Many websites still follow the old content rules where images and blog posts make up the entirety of the site, where 84% of all internet traffic is now said to go towards video. By taking an online marketing course, web owners will have a higher understanding how these videos will impact their visitors.

Making Website Changes Without The Necessary Skillset

Those who wish to make money off their sites need to consider these sites as they would a shop floor. Although many aspects in shopfitting can be done by the average person, there are a few things that should instead be tackled by professionals or individuals will need to acquire those skills. The same goes for websites. Education goes a long way from web design to online marketing and everything in between. Even just knowing what to look for in web hosting will make a difference in updating websites to be more internet-friendly.

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Still Using The Old Internet Language

Even the unschooled internet user can spot the difference between a site that incorporates the latest internet language to those who still rely on basic HTML. Not only are these sites difficult to navigate, but also tend to have a higher bounce rate as they don’t seem maintained. Web design courses allow web owners to efficiently make changes to their sites without having to call in the experts, especially when using website creation tools such as WordPress or Squarespace.

Not all courses are created equally, and web owners are recommended to stick to paths through reputable agencies. Even short classes can make a difference as an improvement to a site that holds within the search engine framework can make a remarkable difference. Education also lessens the need to pay exorbitant fees for someone else to do the job.

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