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Slim dress is one of the most easy technique to get good and charming impression. Dresses are always very important for impression. Sometimes Dress can make u look like very slim and beautiful. If you want to become naturally slim looking, you have to follow some dress code. Today I am going to give you a bunch of tips. If you follow my tips you will become slim and gorgeous.

Importance of Slim Looking which is easily achievable by Dress Code

Now a days fashion is one of the most important keys to unlock the door of opportunities everywhere. Fashion and Elegance has immense effect both in home and outside. It is very important that what you will wear on different occasion like birthday party or on Funeral.

Slim DressChoice of Slim Dress

When you will choose the slim dress for yourself, always keep in mind that doesn’t wear the dress too tight! Now point the deadly tips that will make you slim.

long pocket pantsTips no 9. long pocket pants

Deadly tips for slim dress that will make you slim

1) Always remember that long stripes dresses are first choice. If someone wear the vertically stripes clothing, it makes him looking thin.

2) Try to use the diagonally stripped shorts.

Princess line dressTips No 3. Princess line dress

3) Try to wear the Princess line dress.

4) If you use scarf try to use the “V” or “Y” shaped scarf.

5) If you want to wear jeans, try to choose the dark color.

6) Straight belt will help you looking lean.

7) Avoid the loose shirt; try to wear the tight fitting shirt.

8) Keep your hair short.

9) Try to wear the long pocket pants.

10) If you want to wear Kamiz, Wear kamiz with little design rather massive design works on Kamiz.

11) Try to wear “V” or “Y” or “U” shaped collar dress.

12) Wear fitted tops with long skirt.

13) Wear tight jacket with two or three bottoms. Wear the jeans in such a way that the length of the jacket never goes more than 2 inch from the hip bone.

Last word about Become natural slim by applying Dress Code

All done! Now look in front of the mirror. Any difference you look, If you feel that its worthy of post please share my post with your dear ones. Can’t share, Okay. Atheist give a comment that, you have read my post, and if you can please send you photo! LoL! If want to be real slim, its not only the slim dress, you should check the 15 Foods to help you loose weight.

This post is written by one of our guest writer, Onondita Shuhashini. So this topic is exclusively for females.

tight jacketTips No. 13 Wear Tight Jacket

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