Recover Deleted Folders from Windows with Windows Data Recovery Software

In a hurry, while cleaning up the drive, you accidentally delete the important Folders that contains details regarding a current project. The moment you realize what you did, you quickly check the Recycle Bin only to recall that you deleted using the Shift + Delete command. You contacted your friend who asked you to recover through your backup, which was of no use, as you did not backup your data.

What Do You Do Next?

If you have also faced a similar situation, then this blog is your answer.


In this tech-savvy environment, Windows OS are the most attractive as well as the extensively used. The reason being, it’s intuitive graphical user interface, simple design, and advanced features. Despite the fact that it has improved, it is still prone to turning corrupt. User negligence or mistakes can lead to loss or deletion of data. Therefore, Data Recovery becomes imperative.


Before we delve into how to recover the deleted folders, let us understand whether deleted folders are permanently deleted —


Are Deleted Folders Deleted?

Broadly speaking, data is not permanently deleted from Windows. It is just that its indexing has removed. Due to the removal of the indexing, that space is marked as available for use. It does this just by modifying any one character in the File Table.


Can Lost or Deleted Folders Be Recovered?

Lost or Deleted Folders can be retrieved quickly provided the data is not overwritten.  The reason being, space remains intact unless and until we write something new on it.


Recover Deleted Folders from Windows

Recovering lost or deleted folders from Windows is not as tedious as it seems. You can recover it easily using both manual and software solutions.

Manual Solution: Use Previous Version Option

What are previous Versions?

The Previous Versions are the copies of Folders that are auto-saved by Windows as a Restore point part.  These are also recognized as Shadow Copies. This easy-to-use impressive feature helps in rolling back changes effortlessly.

Windows Data Recovery Software

Steps to Recover Deleted Folders Using Previous Versions are as follows:

  1. Click on to Start tab
  2. Select the Computer option
  • Now, go to the folder that includes the Folder that you wish to recover
  1. Select Restore Previous Versions option
  2. This will enlist all the Previous Versions of the specific folder
  3. Double-click on its Previous Version to select it for recovery
  • Now, drag the folder to the desired destination


Software Solution: Using Third-party Recovery Software

As the name suggests, the third-party recovery solution is the use of any other software to recover lost or deleted folders. Unlike the manual method, this approach is more convenient. The reason being it is easy to use, fast to process, efficient in performance, and free from the manual intervention. Owing to these advantages, there is minimal risk associated with it.


If a suggestion is to be given for the best third-party recovery software, then the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home is a sure-shot solution.  The experiment, verified, accredited software solution is a perfect amalgam of quality and functionality. It is recognized for its incredible performance in a short span of time.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Impression

Security, reliability, fast processing, and easy steps are few key traits that best describes the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home.  This all-in-one solution reinstates Audio Files, Videos Files, Photos, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Word Documents, Emails, etc. from internal/external drives and inaccessible partitions.  This technologically advanced software can effortlessly be used in all logical failure scenarios such as sabotage, outage, power surges, formatting, corruption, or virus attack.


With this powerful software, there is no risk of data integrity. This 2-step recovery solution backs smart features such as fast & efficient scan engine, multiple DPIs support, enhanced Unicode support, user-friendly interface, improved Preview support, and much more. Use this do-it-yourself software to recover your deleted folders fast and quickly.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Key Traits

  • Supports specific Folder Scan as well as Recovery
  • Includes improved File Search option
  • Ensures efficient Quick and Deep Scan
  • Promises Mobile Phone Recovery
  • Provides Corrupt Harddisk Data Recovery Support
  • Includes File sort option
  • Instantaneously scan multiple File system efficiently
  • Supports Windows 10 and all previous versions
  • Provides Scanned Tree tabbed view
  • Offers File Preview before recovery

Plus Point

  • 1 GB Free Recovery option

Final Thoughts!

In this modern era, Data Recovery is vital. Data market is evolving and so data loss is also on an increase. The data loss can be accidental or intentional. It can be due to corruption, sabotage, virus attack, and much more. But, in all the events, the prime concern is its recovery. Though the manual solutions work well in most scenarios, however, it is not error-free. Thereby, using an efficient recovery tool is highly advisable as it has a minimal risk factor associated with it. Use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Folders from Windows.  This Windows Data Recovery Software offers up to 1GB free recovery support.


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