Ramadan Diet – Diet Planning in Ramadan

Diet Planning in Ramadan

Iftari Ramadan

Ramadan is the very prestigious and holy month to Muslims. In this month there occurs a great variation in food habit of people. If a person does not take nutrition and healthy food, he has to suffer a lot to continue fasting for 1 month. In this month a person has to do all the outside works as well as fasting as religious means. So in this time, to keep fit is very important.

This Time Ramadan in our country is in summer season. Weather is hot outside too. We lose a great amount of liquids though perspiration and sweats. So we must keep look at our water balance this time. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration in Ramadan.

Ramadan Drink

Ramadan Diet – Water intake

In Adult, Daily 2-3 litre water is essential to drink. The body balance is maintained after taking balanced liquids. Many of us suffer from dehydration in the month of Ramadan. But if someone takes the necessary amount of water between iftari to sehri, he should not face any problem. I think, that’s why, a culture of Drink like Rooh Afza or Tang has been introduced. You can make your drinks with various substances like – squash, different fruit juices, Syrup, Ispaghul, Milk, Card, tamarind, bel, lemon etc. Beside juices you can also have chira+milk, halim, Faluda etc. In the Late night sehri you can take thin dal, milk, or vegetables.


Ramadan Diet Iftari

Ramadan Diet- Iftari

One of the most important ingredients of Iftari in Bangladesh is Gram or Boot (Chola). It is high energy giving as well as it meets the demand of Carbohydrate and Protein. But it must take according to your needs. If you take more than your need, you will get fat. Other foods which you take with it are Chotpoti, Ghugni. In this food, oil is less used so less risk. But in other foods, oil is used more so they got more calorie value. We must use oil at least to avoid risks. To make a balance we should keep two items which needs oil to cook.

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