PCOs and Its Effect On You

What is PCO?

PCO (polycystic ovary syndrome) is basically a syndrome where there is a hormonal imbalance in a woman. It affects a woman in many ways. She does not have a regular period and often cannot conceive a baby. PCO is named such because women with the condition grow multiple cysts on their ovaries however this condition does not always have to be present.

How do you get PCO?



PCO is often not your fault. Scientists up till now have concluded that he PCO problem runs in a family and if you are affected it is only because of your genes. You can also develop PCO if your period is irregular. PCO cannot only be transferrable from the mother but if anyone in your father’s family has it then you are more likely to get it. If there are diabetics in your family, then you are also more likely to get PCOs as the both are quite interconnected. Basically, the problem starts when one of your hormone changes but the changing of one hormone results in a chain reaction and they change one after another.

How do you discover you have PCOs?

  • PCOs result in weight gain
  • You can have severe menstrual problems where your cycle might not be regular. You may not have your period at all or have them very frequently with profound bleeding.
  • You may have excessive hair growth on your face, chin, chest or neck. (This hair can often be thick and manly)
  • You may have Infertility
  • Frequent bouts of depression
  • Your skin may be prone to Acne or very oily.
  • Often results in lower level of Insulin and sleep disturbances

Self Care in PCOs

The doctor will help you get through with your more severe symptoms in PCOs but t is equally important to take care of yourself so that you can reduce chances of developing any further symptoms. It is always important to realise just how important you are.


Yoga is an important part of any healing process. It is great for physical and mental relaxation. Not only does it give you time to connect with yourself but it also gives you plenty of exercises. Yoga helps your parasympathetic nervous system to relax and it also allows your blood flow to regulate. It also helps you reduce pain that you experience during the period and reduces the stiffening of muscles. Furthermore, yoga improves the texture of your hair and gives you better skin, a problem many women with PCOs complain about is how to have smooth skin.


I believe meditation is the best thing one can do for oneself. It allows a person to relax and breathe. It allows them to think beyond their everyday lives and take care of the trivial matters in life. Meditation allows you to get rid of any excess stress or tension thereby reducing mood swings and depression that often accompany PCOs.

Essential oils

Essential oil therapy can be great for a variety of uses. It not only soothes and calms the body but can be great for some issues pertaining to PCOs. Lavender oil which happens to be my favourite is great for reducing stress. A few drops of it can be added to your bath or sprinkled onto your pillow for relaxation and sleep. Geranium and Rose oil can be great for toning the reproductive system thereby considered great for women trying to conceive while having PCOs.


The power of self-motivation is beyond anything in this world. You have to motivate yourself every day to become a better version of yourself. You have to be happy with your existing self more than anything to progress in your life. You have to realise that one small problem is not the end of the world. Many women suffer from a similar fate every day so embracing yourself and your body is the way to go. You may have acne but you are still beautiful. Weight is not a measure of anything but is just a number on the scale. You are powerful and control your own life. You will not let PCOs or anything else bring you down.

You may have down days but there is always a warm cup of tea and your favourite novel or TV show to get you through those because tomorrow you have to get up and show to the world what a strong woman you really are. Share these tips with other women that you have close bonds with because your sisters are the biggest support while you suffer from something like PCOs. Remember these tips are not a replacement for a doctor and if things get bad, you should always seek medical assistance.

This is a Guest Article. This Article is Written By Alvina Adam

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