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National Travels is one of the best travels of Bangladesh to visit the Rajshahi and other northern city of Bangladesh. But last time when I tried to book the ticket of national travels I have lost their phone numbers. So I realize the importance of keeping the booking information for future purpose.

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National Travels logoNational Travels ticket booking phone number | All Counter

Last time, I have got their tickets and saved all the phone number of their all counters. You can also visit their official website for online ticket booking of National Travels Bangladesh. I have shared the back cover of my ticket.

To Avoid Sun in Bus ( From Dhaka – Rajshahi)

Take Tickets of 3-4, like (B3, B4), Sun falls on (1,2)

National Travels All Counter Phone Number

National Travels All Counter Phone Number

SL No Counter’s Name Mobile No.
Kansat 01755-583941
Sibgonj 01755-583942
Rani Hati 01755-583943
Ghora Stand 01755-583944
Chapai- Nowabgonj 01730-073268
Lala Para 01755-583945
Baroghoriya 01755-583946
Godagari 01755-583947
Rajabari 01755-583948
Kasiadanga 01755-583949
Charkuta 01755-583950
Rajshahi 01713-228283
Natore 01713-228284
Life Care 01755-583952
Laxmipur 01755-583953
City Bypass 01755-583954
Kajla 01755-583955
Binodpur 01755-583956
Katakhali – 1 01755-583957
Katakhali – 2 01755-583958
Baneshwar 01755-583959
Puthia 01755-583960
Bonpara 01755-583962
Baraigram 01755-583963
Naya Bazar 01755-583964
Kachi Kata 01755-583965
Kallyanpur 01713-228286
Mohona (Technical) 01713-228287
Kalabagan 01713-228285
Chondra 01755-583966
Bypile 01755-583967
Savar 01755-583969
Abdullahpur 01755-583970


Norda 01755-583972
37 Food Village (U-2)

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I recommend National Travels for traveling Dhaka to Rajshahi. It is comfortable and I feel much safer with their drivers. Their service and hospitality is great too. So don’t hesitate to buy their tickets as they are providing much standard service to visitors for Rajshahi. Thanks again from admin, Sawontheboss4.


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    Putia to Dhaka 2 ticket importent date: 01.10.2015,Thanks all Regards
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