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Migrate OS to HDD-SSD Free Software

Migrating Operating System to one hard disk to another hard disk is sometimes very much necessary. If you previously using normal HDD, and you like to get some blessing fast Operating System, you may have thought of using SSD.

Migrate OS to HDD-SSD Free Software

What’s the main burden of Migrating Operating System?

Free Partition Software
Free Partition Software

If you want to normal copy-paste your C: Drive to another new partition, it’s not going to work. You need some specific software to transfer all the data of C: drive along with MBR records with the boot information.

And that’s where I came today a great software of EaseUS.

EaseUS Partition Master Professional

Backup Your Partition C: and boot from Another drive

Step By Step Guide

Launch EaseUS Partition Master, click “Migrate OS to HDD/SSD” and select HDD or SSD as destination disk.

Step 1 - OS Migration
Step 1 – OS Migration

Partition Copy

EaseUS Partition Master: Partition Copy

Migrate OS to HDD/SSD under Different Windows OS

Whatever Windows OS you are using, EaseUS Partition Master can all help migrate OS to HDD/SSD without losing any data!

Pricing of EaseUS Partition Master Professional

Pricing of Easeus Partition Master Professional is given below. Don’t worry if you don’t want to buy it without testing it. They will give a free trial to test the software.

Easeus Partition Master Professional Pricing
Easeus Partition Master Professional Pricing

If you want to see the full comparison: You can visit:

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