Immunize Your USB from Autorun Virus

Most of the time, Our computer is infected by Auto-run virus. Namely Autorun.inf which in the flash drive or so called pen drive. The virus spread mainly through Flash drives. Even sometimes, Our computer is fully virus free, but when you insert your pen drive into your friends computer or any unknown computer, your pen drive may be affected by Autorun Virus. For this one simple tool can be very handy which is called USB Vaccine or USB Immunizer.


If your Pen drive get chance of infection, Immunize your pen drive first.

Download Panda USB Vaccince:

Panda USB Vaccine

Installation Step:

Download Panda USB Vaccine

Size: 939 KB

Or you can use USB Immunizer from Bitdefender USB Immunizer

Bitdefender USB Immunizer

Download Link Of Bitdefender USB Immunizer

Size: 3.74 MB

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