Hair Fall: Causes, Prevention And Treatment

Hair Fall: Causes, Prevention And Treatment (Part 1)

Reasons for hair falling out

Hair fall is a very common cosmetic problem all over the world. From puberty hair fall may arise. Every people should be very much concerned about hair fall

Structure of hair:

Hair is a part of skin. It is devoid of nerve and blood supply. It gets its nutrition from the blood vessels of hair bulb. Hair is mainly made of a special type of protein which is totally different from other skin proteins. The color of hair is derived from the melanin of hair bulb.

Hair Fall

How does hair grow:

Hair is developed from epidermal cell of scalp skin. Hair follicle is derived from epidermal cell. Hair bulb, which is the deepest part of hair follicle, divides to from new cells. A special type of protein accumulates in the new cells. The new cells come out in the shape of a tooth. The shaft of this hair is attached to follicle. Then the shaft grows longer and forms a thread like structure which is known as hair. It gets its nutrition supply from the blood vessels of hair bulb. The more it gets blood supply, the more it grows.

Reasons for hair fall and remedies

Normally 100 hairs fall a day. Fortunately 100 hairs are regained a day. If more than 100 hair fall in a day, then hair density decreases gradually. The main cause of hair fall is genetic. If any of your close family members such as father or grandfather is bald, surely you have a great chance to be another unfortunate one in your family.

Another thing that is responsible for hair fall is masculine hormone (testosterone). It causes baldness above the forehead.

Another important cause of hair fall is depression. Stressful condition, depression for long time may lead to hair fall.

Some drugs are also responsible for hair fall. Example: gentamycin, indomethacin, and anti-cancer drugs like methotrexate.

Malnutrition, lack of balanced diet is another important cause of hair fall. Some people start to avoid proper amount of food to lose weight. But unfortunately it often leads to hair fall.

Dandruff is a very common problem of scalp, and often it causes hair fall. Oily skin of head is also responsible.

Hair fall may be seen during pregnancy up to 2-5 months after pregnancy. But if hair fall lasts more than that duration, one should meet doctor.

There is a misbelieve (specially among Asian women) that tying hair strongly causes lengthening of hair. But it is just a wrong concept. This may cause loosening of hair root and eventually hair falls.

Recently it has been seen that too much exposure to TV, computer cause hair fall. The ray which is emitted from TV or computer screen is capable of decrease your hair density.

pattern of hair fall

Prevention of hair fall:

The best way to prevent hair fall is to avoid the causes and risk factors of hair fall mentioned above. And early consult with a doctor is recommended for every person who is having a feeling that he/she is losing his/her hair.

One should take balanced and nutritious diet and keep his/her head clean.

Getting relief from dandruff is highly recommended for preventing hair fall. If dandruff is suppressed, the remaining hair on the head can survive for about 10 years.

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Treatment of hair fall:

Hair transplant surgery is the treatment of choice for hair gain. It is effective and easy treatment although it is costly. There are some medicines as well specially minoxidil. But these should be taken on specialized doctor’s advice only.

For more information about hair fall treatment, where hair transplant surgery is available, cost of hair transplant surgery; see here.


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