Gokano – Scam or Genuine? A True Review

Gokano is the site where you can get free gifts after collecting some points, they said that GN. After answering or voting a single question, you can collect GN. Then after collecting the GN, you can redeem the gifts from 3 categories which are gadgets, accessories and electronics.

Final Decision From Me:

Gokano is a spam site. Their cheating is some kinda new technique. You can collect points. But You can never redeem the prizes because it is always “OUT of STOCK“.

How To Join On Gokano


About Gokano Review

Gokano.com is a relatively new site with not much to do, but the reward sturcture is perfectly reasonable.  Log in daily to get 1 point, complete monthly missions for an additional point, and refer friends.  Just to give you an idea – a 16GB Kingston DataTraveler 100G3 (Usb 3.0) pendrive is 30 points… so 1 month of doing the bare minimum and you should at least get a reward in theory (if it’s in stock).  A GoPro HD Hero is 375 points… so 1 year of hanging around here and you’ll be about ready to shoot some quality helmet cam vids. – From PTCBEERMONEY REVIEWS



So this is a positive review

Gokano – Scam or Genuine? A True Review

Gokano on MyWOT : MyWOT Show details

Overall reputationVery poor
TrustworthinessVery poor
PrivacyVery poor
Child safetyVery poor

Though Only 1 rated it rate, and rest 5 gave it green signal.

Google Safe Browsing Show details

Website statusSafe
Scripting exploits0

http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/gokano.com said that


This link is safe. We tested it and didn’t find any significant security issues.

Website Category:

Kheres 09/11/2015 said I trust – Good site –

This is a very good site and it doesn’t ask you for much at all. You just click 2 times a day (which takes 30 seconds of your time) and claim a prize after a while, how is this a “scam” ? They don’t ask for money, they even ask less than a PTC site, and you call it a “scam” ? Some people are shameful at this point…. I mean, @Cheater87 is someone who rated blogspot as phishing, scam, spam and suspicious LOL

  • Eltamin 09/20/2015 Said

It is a scam and phishing site promoted trhu spam.

Phishing because it does not have SSL. They are offering some expensive gifts, but they can’t afford an SSL?!?!

Scam because the only thing you do is traffic on their site.

About Us section is a bad joke!

ZERO OPTIMIZATION (maybe that is why they promote thru spam).

Site title: Not Present
Primary language: Not Present
Description: Not Present
Keywords : Not Present “

Both have their own point of view.

I have opened today my accounts. I will let you know the progress and prizes are legitimate or not. Just be with us and if you want to try Gokano, Follow the Below Link



  • this is god damn true, today, 3/7/2016 10.48 pm i was logged in to gokano and clicked daily points and click the daily qustion,,, im pretty sure at the firat place there was old offer notice and then i backed to home there was rostock alert ! it is fucking happening now .. and i googled ” who won gokano ” and came to this site … then i refash the gokano site just now 10.59 . fucking now ! , previously mention restock alert was only just letters, when i refreshed again it came with “Restock alert in a Word art ” still there is no new alert on home page.. 11.05 … out of restock !! i hv 100+ gn ….. final conclusion this site is totally LIE !!!

  • Vinay Kumar

    i have waited for restock and when restock came in dashboard it shown restock alert but when i opened prizes it tell prizes are only available on restock next restock coming soon ????????

  • Hello friends,
    I am also registered on this site for a long time but until now I have not bought anything. I have 460GN . What are you saying? It is best to wait to catch a prize more valuable?

    Armando C.

  • swati srivastava

    all time out of stock

  • They have won prizes gallery and there a photos only with cheap prizes, no laptop, tablet, or something expensive. Cheaters 🙂

  • Jafrin

    Anyone use now?

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