Free Deploying Images on Multiple Machines in a Computer Network with AOMEI Image Deploy

Free Deploying Images on Multiple Machines in a Computer Network with AOMEI Image Deploy

Have you ever feel tedious when you deploy images or restore computers one by one using CDs or USB Flash drives? Don’t worry, today we found a free software to help you solve this problem, it’s AOMEI Image Deploy.

AOMEI Image Deploy is a Windows image deployment that can deploy system image to multiple computers in the meantime.  For example, if you have 30 computers to be installed with the system, including software, patches, drivers, and so on. It makes a lot of people upset because it will take a lot of time and energy to achieve them. Now, AOMEI offers you with a simple solution that deploys system image to dozens of computers simultaneously.

Do you know AOMEI Technology?

AOME Technology is a software developing company founded in 2010. They mainly professional committed to the disk partitions, resize partition, merge partition, data backup, cloud disk management, etc. AOMEI Technology 81% of users are free. Their goal is “let tens of millions of users benefit from AOMEI products, and make AOMEI products industry benchmark”. Want to know more about their products? You can go to their official website:

Now I will list how to deploy system image to multiple computers at the same time:

  1. You need to create a system image first, then generate a Windows PE ISO and deploy the image across network computers


AOMEI Image Deploy can help you create a Windows PE image, which will be the boot source of all the other network computers. Of course, you must create the disk image file first, to achieve this step, you need to use AOMEI backup software-AOMEI Backupper. You have to know, no other backup images are supported yet. Then you can create the bootable ISO file with AOMEI Image Deploy.


  1. Connect all of your computers and boot from the Windows PE

Now you need to set ‘Network Boot’ as the first booting option,  it’s in BIOS settings. The client workstations that manage to successfully boot the Windows PE image are then shown in the main window of AOMEI Image Deploy.

  1. How to clone a system image on more than one computer

What makes people excited is that AOMEI Image Deploy can quickly clone a system image on all of your computers in the same LAN. It allows you to save time, effort, and resources. It’s enough to go through the instructions once to get acquainted with the application and remember each step to take.

There are two editions of AOMEI Image Deploy: Free and Technician. The two editions vary in feature sets, and weather available for business usage. The Technician version supports universal restore, and options to preset client IP addresses. Besides, Technician edition supports image deployment to an unlimited number of Windows Server machines. Both editions support deployment to the infinite Windows client computer. Both editions support OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2008/2012/2016 (32/64-bit and R2/SBS system).

AOMEI Image Deploy Free – Freeware for all users and supports deploy image to maximum 20 server machines.

AOMEI Image Deploy Technician – $199, available for business usage and provide charged technical service to clients. Supports deployment to an unlimited number of Windows Server machines and Windows PCs. Supports universal restore, and options to preset client IP addresses.

You can download it directly from here:



AOMEI Image Deploy can works on all popular Windows platforms. Installing the program is a straightforward operation, which shouldn’t take long time to come true. Even on a modest computer, It is still very convenient. Also, you don’t need to meet any special requirements and you don’t need powerful hardware. It is far from convenient let alone time efficient to do so. If you are looking for such a practical tool, you really get it right, try and download it now!

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