Fracture Nasal Bone – Causes, Hazards, Treatment

Fracture Nasal Bone: Causes, Hazards, Treatment

Fracture Nasal Bone

Fracture Nasal Bone

Causes of nasal bone fracture:

Trauma on the nose.

Classification of nasal bone fracture:

Type-1- There is vertical fracture of the nasal septum
Type-2- The nasal bones are displaced laterally.
Type-3- There marked depression. The septum is collapsed.

Symptoms of nasal bone fracture:

nasal fracture

Fig: nasal fracture

nasal bridge fracture

Fig: nasal bridge fracture

1) Deformity- Depression or lateral displacement of the nasal bone.External swelling follows quickly due to haematoma and oedema. Which may obscure the bony injury.

2) Pain. 3) Epistaxis– Frequently.

4) Nasal obstruction-Due to dislocation or haematoma of the septum.

Diagnosis of nasal bone fracture:

X-ray nasal bone lateral view.

 x ray nasal bone fracture

Treatment of nasal bone fracture:


Early treatment of nasal bone fracture:

Before swelling appears, the reduction should be done immediately. Either by WALS HAMS FORCE or by digital pressure.

Intermediate treatment of nasal bone fracture: (After few days)

When there is marked swelling accurate correction is difficult. So correction is done

under G.A after swelling subside.

Late treatment of nasal bone fracture:(After ¾ Weeks)

The reduction may be done by either refracture or SEPTO-RHINOPLASTY under G.A.

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