Eight Tips To Reduce Belly Fat

Excess Abdominal or Belly Fat really looks too odd. Abdominal fat is the result of irregular and bad food habit. We can reduce our small body fat either by diet controlling or by exercise. But excessive body is really a great problem. It doesn’t reduce easily rather it increases. This post is about Eight Tips To Reduce Abdominal Fat easily and quickly.

How To Reduce Belly Fat

Start Your Day With Luke Warm Water Mixed With Lemon To Reduce Belly Fat

Drink a glass of Luke warm lemon water in empty stomach in the morning. Continue this habit regularly. The citric acid of lemon and warm water help to Reduce Abdominal Fat.

Stop Eating Rice To Reduce Belly Fat

Whole eaten rice deposits as fat in the body. Eat bread made of red wheat instead of rice. If you can’t go without eating rice then don’t eat more than the amount of one cup.



Avoid Sugar Containing Food To Reduce Belly Fat

Stop eating those foods that contain sugar. Sugar deposits as fat in the body. Eat honey instead of sugar. Honey will meet the demand of your sugar and keeps you healthy by providing calories.

Drink 6-8 Glass Of Water Daily To Reduce Belly Fat

If you want to reduce your belly fat quickly then make a habit of drinking 6-8 glass of water regularly. Water helps to accelerate absorption  process and reduce belly fat by leaving body toxin.

Eat Garlic Regularly To Reduce Belly Fat

Many people keep a distance from garlic due to smell. To reduce belly fat eat garlic regularly. Garlic increase blood circulation of the body and helps to destroy fat.

Make Habit Of Eating Vegetables To Reduce Belly Fat

Many of us have attraction for fish-meat. Besides proteins fish and meat contain excessive amount of fat. On the other hands vegetables are the dietary fibers which reduce fat.



Health Tips To Reduce Belly Fat

Health Tips To Reduce Belly Fat

Eat Some Seasonal Fruits Everyday To Reduce Belly Fat

Keep some seasonal fruits in your regular diet. It will reduce your tendency to eat carbohydrate and fat. Many people think that fruit juice is better than fruit. But fruit juice increases body fat as it doesn’t contain fiber. So eat fruit instead of fruit juice.

Add Spice To Your Meal To Reduce Belly Fat

Eat spicy foods containing ginger, chili etc. Spice helps to reduce body sugar level. These spicy foods not increase taste but also reduce belly fat

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