Best Live TV Channels List of Bangladesh

If you are looking for knowing which the best live TV channels of Bangladesh are, then this article may help you a lot to get the answer. Because in this article, I’m going to show you a list of best live TV channels in Bangladesh.


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Best Live TV Channels List

Best Live TV Channels List

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Best Live TV Channels List of Bangladesh

  1. Ekushey Television (ETV)

Ekushey Television rated with consistently the #1 channel in Bangladesh. It gets this place for excellent shows and its own base audience. ETV is the first Bangladeshi channel that broadcast its content live in 2011.


It broadcasts from Kawran Bazar and it is the first private TV channel in the history of Bangladesh. The official transmission began on 14 April 2000.


  1. ATN News (Live)

ATN News is one of the best live TV Bangla news channels in Bangladesh. It is a first 24 hours Bangla news-oriented TV station. This television channel is a sister channel of ATN Bangla.


This channel began its first transmission in May 2010 after completing the test transmission and officially started on 7 June 2010.


  1. NTV

It is a Bangla language satellite television station is Dhaka, Bangladesh. NTV started operation in 2003 and it is one of the most popular satellite TV channels in the Bangladesh.


Recently NTV online has been started more elaborately to keep update with the people about latest news, program, sports, entertainment, education and so on.


  1. Somoy TV

This is one of the pioneering news television channels in Bangladesh. Being a news-based channel, it gives the most priority to news and news content.


Somoy TV is more popular in Bangladesh for providing live news in 56 districts with modern technologies to send news and video instantly. It is also popular for analysis of the news.

  1. Channel i

This is a privately owned television channel in Bangladesh. The owner of this channel is Impress Group. We know about Impress Telefilm which produces small mini-series and TV shows that all setting up by Impress Group.


Channel I started his mission on 1 October 1999. This channel is popular in Bangladesh for broadcasting many educational programs.

  1. Bangla Vision

Bangla Vision is a satellite TV channel that is broadcast from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It began its first transmission on 31 March 2006.


The owner of this channel is Shamol Bangla Media Ltd. This channel is popular in Bangladesh for entertaining with various interesting shows and play.


  1. Rtv

The slogan of Rtv is “today’s and tomorrow’s”. This channel is also popular in Bangladesh for entertaining with different types of video, shows, play etc.


It began its operation on 26 December 2005 and it began to broadcast all content live online in 2012. The head office of this TV channel is in the Kawran Bazar, Dhaka.


  1. Channel 9

It is one of the best satellite Bangla TV channel. This channel began its test transmission on 8 April 2011 and it is always trying to especially focus on sports.


This channel has the rights to the broadcast of the Bangladesh Premier League. It is also broadcast various general entrainment program.


  1. Gazi TV

The slogan of Gazi TV is “Bangladesh Worldwide”. Gazi Television, officially known as GTV is a first Bangladeshi digital cable television channel. This channel first launched on 12 June 2012.


The owner of this channel is Gazi Satellite Television Limited and the head quarter of this channel is 25 Segun Bagicha, Dhaka. This channel is a popular channel in Bangladesh because it offers a wide variety of programming like news, dramas, movies, talk shows, sports and more.


  1. Maasranga TV

This channel is a first HD Bangla television station. This channel has a complete newsroom system, production and master control switchers. The whole system is fully digital and HD (high definition).


The owner of this channel is Square Group. Maasranga TV broadcasts International cricket and football matches with Live like UEFA Euro 2016.


You are almost at the end of our article titled best live TV channels list of Bangladesh. In this article, I’ve shown up a list of top TV channels list. To make the list, I’ve considered popularity, broadcastings, great content and program of a TV channel.


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