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I am Toufiq Hassan Shawon, a young Bangladeshi Blogger. By profession I am a “going to be a doctor”. But that’s not the point. I am very interested in the outside world for some passionate views. This year Halloween will be on October 31, 2014. Everybody is planning in some different way to get the Specialty and want to get some separate way of own Some of the Great man said, “You see the whole world with your eyes, but how much of it you remember”. I am trying to express my Halloween views 2014. I have searched about 4 hrs. to see the all the collections of Halloween websites including

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You think why I should do that? First of all, I found who lives in USA got some freaky but awesome Halloween Costumes and upload the Pic to Facebook. And after uploading that to Facebook I am Pretty much shocked seeing that. This Year it comes again and I think I should make a collection of this freaky show of my own.
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  Number 1: Scary and Simple

 Zulker Halloween
He is my friend Zulkernine, Got some freaky style and yet I placed it in the first place because it’s the all time scary look of Joker. If you think Joker of Batman series you will definitely feel Heath Ledger and Feel the scariness.  It is deep inside, and I think Joker costume is the all time scary style of Halloween.

  Number 2: Scary Bride

scary halloween costume
It’s a costume provided by Definitely at first look; someone try to figure it out, what happen there. Most Freaky I have ever seen. But you should definitely look at some points if you want to buy this costume for Halloween 2014. Because the if you are tall enough don’t go it for it.

 Number 3: Contact Lens that all you need for Halloween

 lesn halloween costume

Another  costume provided by Easy Costume to wear on Halloween 2014. Because All you need to have pairs of contact lenses and an old torn dress. Make it red it with some colors. Wear the lenses and be the freak of the day.

Number 4: Face Paint Maniac

 face paint halloween costume

If Halloween means some heavy Face paint to you; You should probably go for it. I think black and white face paint is freakier than the color ones. Because Black and white have retain the contrast to attract other ones. Be gentle, wear some amazing Face paint. I bet your Halloween will be Special one.

Number 5: The White Ghost

white ghost halloween costume

The White ghost is in number 5 in position. If you are not fair enough, you can surely give your friend a big blow with this costume. After seeing the above image, you can understand that the costume is pretty much easier to make. You just need some White dashing dress. That’s all.

Number 6: Black Widow Style

balck widow ghost

I think I am in love with Black and white. It’s the female version of Joker I think. If you are not so beautiful as the girl above, no problem. Just wear it like only Black and white. Give some Eye scratches below with dark ones. You are just freaky. Wear some tight dress that is black and white. I will propose it for broken heart girls halloween.

Number 7: Bang Bang Group

Group Halloween Costumes

If you are celebrating from dorm with a group of people, you can style it in a gangbang style for Halloween 2014. But remember you should do it in the group. I like it because it’s the unity you show in Halloween. And I think Unity is strength.

Number 8: Sexy Halloween Show

Sexy Halloween Costumes

I found it much prettier and stylish. The artistic and only costume based show. You have to pay only for the dress, and you are ready to blast your Halloween. If you are looking for some sizzling hot Halloween, you should definitely remember the balance between exposing and covering. Give a try. I will be surely impressed if my wife wear this.

Number 9: Filmi Halloween 2014

Sexy Halloween costumes
If you are filmy typo, you can definitely like this. The Scissors in hand is in Plastic and real easy. Just wear some black costumes, tight dress. Get some plastic scissors in hand. Halloween 2014 will be a blast. Get some torn stockings.

Number 10: Gangnam halloween costume for 2014

Gangnam halloween costume for 2014
No one can deny that recent trend Gangnam. Gangnam Style

is a single by South Korean rapper. You can definitely go for Gangnam Halloween costume for 2014. That’s all about best 10 Halloween style.

PS: It’s all about my point view. You can definitely express about my choices in the comments fields.

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