Best 10 Books Of Humayun Ahmed

Best ten books of Humayun Ahmed is described here. Humayun Ahmed was a great writer in Bangladesh. He is a legend in the field of Bangla literature. Attractive and straight forward presentation of his stories enchants the readers. In Bangladesh, He is called as “the magician of words.” Best 10 Books of Humayun Ahmed is going below.


He has got so much popularity. The truth behind his vast reputation is the skill of narrating a story in so pleasant & straightforward words. All of his novels and writings enchanted his fans greatly.


Mr. Ahmed was a disciplined person & he always respects discipline. His personal life was also fascinating. He was so hungry for knowledge.


By the way, Reading Humayun Ahmed books is a really a great deal. Because you are going to read a book which will attract you like magic. The book has written by the magician of words.


Humayun Ahmed has written so many novels, story, and drama. His most experiential and used field of literature was novels.


If we talk about Humayun Ahmed, We have to talk about Humayun Ahmed books. If you we talk about Humayun Ahmed Books, Then We have to talk about Humayun Ahmed novels. This is his most used field. Because his most of the books are Bangla novels.


However, in this article, I’m going to show you a best 10 Humayun Ahmed books or best ten books of Humayun Ahmed. All of these are novels. Yea! Bangla novels! If you want to read a good Bangla novel, then you may choose a book from the below list of Best 10 Humayun Ahmed books.


Before moving ahead, I should clarify a word. I’ve not the ability to judge Humayun Ahmed books properly. It’s true. I’ve just chosen the books which are most favorite to me, and I think they are the best writing of Humayun Ahmed. Actually, In Bangla Books PDF, there are Humayun Ahmed’s books more than hundred. All of those books, these ten have attracted more eyes.


So, We are going to move ahead to the article of best ten popular books of Humayun Ahmed. That means we are going to get ten popular books of Humayun Ahmed to read and watch the list!


Let’s go!

Best 10 Books Of Humayun Ahmed

  1. Dighir Jole Kar Chaya Go By Humayun Ahmed

Dighir Jole Kar Chaya Go is a Bangla romantic novel written by Humayun Ahmed. In this novel, Mr. Ahmed has told a story of two different types of person’s life. They fall in love, and their story goes ahead. It is a love story of Muhib and Lila who are the main characters of this beautiful romantic novel. After one reading, You must want to read it again.


  1. KeKotha Koy by Humayun Ahmed

Our whole life is a mystery. We don’t know where our luck brings from where. The magician of words was the expert in his field. He focused on the real life story of a middle-class family.


By the way, Ke Kotha Koy is a novel of Humayun Ahmed which has a story of a boy. You can try to read it. It is a good novel.


  1. Download Angul Kata Jaglu by Humayun Ahmed

Himu is a literature-based character which has been created by Humayun Ahmed in his novel. He has written many books based on this character.


Himu is a character of anti-logic. But his activities are likened by all. He can enchant with whom he met.


However, Angul Kata Jaglu is the book of Humayun Ahmed in which you will get a story with the famous Bangla literature-based character Himu.


  1. Jochna O Jononir Golpo by Humayun Ahmed

If someone tries to speak out some great books name written by Humayun Ahmed. He must speak about Jochna O Jononir Golpo. It is a so favorite book of Humayun Ahmed.


But before it reading, you need to know that it is a big sized book. To read it, you need to manage your time first.


  1. Aj Himur Biye by Humayun Ahmed

It is another book with the fictitious character Himu by Humayun Ahmed. Himu is a young person. He is popular with others. He talks about philosophy. So, the readers of Himu want to know that will Himu marry ever?

In this novel, Humayun Ahmed has shown the answer. For Humayun Ahmed, lovers, it is a great book.


Best 10 Books Of Humayun Ahmed

  1. Megher Chaya by Humayun Ahmed

Megher Chaya is an excellent Bangla novel. If you want to read a fantastic story in Bangla, then you should read this book.


  1. Holud Himu Kalo Rab by Humayun Ahmed

Himu is so intelligent. No one can catch him. He loves to walk on the night alone in the Dhaka city. One day he is caught by RAB. What happened to Himu in the RAB office is the original theme of this novel. It is a great staff for Himu lovers.


  1. Moyurakkhi by Humayun Ahmed

Moyurakkhi is a popular and most read book of Humayun Ahmed. In this novel, the fictitious character Himu come out in front of the light. In this novel, moyurakkhi is a name of a fictitious river. The main theme of this novel grows up with that river.


  1. Rodon Vora e Bosonto by Humayun Ahmed

This novel is a story of a young girl. In this novel, the magician of words shows his readers a tensed girl’s own story. The girl seems strong, intelligent and polite. But, her life story goes into mystery.


If you want to know about girls mind, you can read this book. On the other hand, if you want to know about a female life, then you should read this book. It is a nice Bengali novel by Humayun Ahmed.


  1. Ami E Misir Ali by Humayun Ahmed


Who does not know the name of Misir Ali! Who read Humayun Ahmed books or know something about him, he must have heard the name of Misir Ali which is a fictitious character created by Humayun Ahmed in his many novels.


Ami E Misir Ali is a book with the popular Humayun Ahmed character Misir Ali. It is a popular book of Humayun Ahmed. If you read this novel, you will see a person who plays with logic. He tries to analysis everything by logic. And his all calculation goes to the end of mysterious activities.


Himu and Misir Ali are the two most popular novel character of Humayun Ahmed. But Himu and Misir Ali both have two different types of mentality and analytical power. Where Himu is antilogic and on the contrary, Misir Ali is a logical person.


In the concluded point of the article titled best ten popular books of Humayun Ahmed, I can frankly say you that if you like Humayun Ahmed writing, then you must love these books which are on the list of 10 popular books of Humayun Ahmed.


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