200 IT Questions for Bank Job

200 IT Questions for Bank Job provided by Bangladeshresult.com. Bank job is preferred by every job seeker. Now we are providing the 200 topics of IT (Information Technology) questions here.



  1. The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to- Manage resources.
  2. Portable program means- Independent of a platform.
  3. Which language is more suited to a structured program- PASCAL.
  4. Bridge works in which layer of the OSI model- Datalink layer.
  5. Mechanical devices in the computer are called- Hardware.
  6. The storage device in the computer- DVD.
  7. The largest unit of storage in computers- Terabyte.
  8. Which software is more useful in preparing a report with statistical & accounting analysis?- MS Excel.
  1. The ipv4 address is- 32 bit.
  2. The last address of IP address represents- Broadcast address.
  3. CSS in an acronym for- Cascading System Style.
  4. The machine readable form a program is called as- Object code.
  5. The use of form in HTML is- to collect user input.
  6. A computer port is used to- communicate with other computer peripherals.
  7. SQL stands for- Structured Query Language.
  8. CD stands for- Compact Disc.
  9. The protocol is used for the Internet access- TCP/IP.
  10. Color monitor consist of three colors- Red, Green, Blue.
  11. When a disc is formatted – everything will be lost.
  12. Bluetooth operations use- Radio Technology.
  13. The difference between LAN & WAN- Distance covered.
  14. Open source operating system- Redhat Linux.
  15. The storage capacity of 500 GB- 500 * 2^30 bytes. 24. When a computer start then which component works first- Bios.
  16. A CD- Rom drive is labeled with 52*. Here 52* is a measurement of- Revolution per minute.
  1. A maximum number of rows in an excel sheet- 65536.
  2. McAfee is an- Utility Software.
  3. A hard disk is divided into tracks which are subdivided into- sectors.
  4. Commands is given to reboot the computer- Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  5. MPEG extension refers to- Video file.
  6. VOIP extension refers to- Voice Over Internet Protocol.
  7. CTRL+C will result in- Saving the document.
  8. BAK extension refers to- Backup file.
  9. MPG extension refers to- Animation/ movie file.
  10. INI extension usually refers to- System file.
  11. Who developed Yahoo- David Filo & Jerry Yang.
  12. DB refers to- Data Base.
  13. OS refers to- Operating System.

39. DOCSIS refers to- Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.

  1. Which of the following are you probably using if you are viewing windows & Icons-

Graphical User Interface.

  1. CTRL+ E will result in- Centre Alignment.
  2. BMP & GIF refers to- Graphics file.
  3. CD-Rom is an- Optical Memory.
  4. Terabyte consists of- 1024 Gigabyte.
  5. Windows media player in an- application software.
  6. RAM is located in- Motherboard.
  7. Linux is a- Operating System.
  8. The base of 16 number system is – Hexadecimal. 49. The icon is a- Pictorial representation of an operation.
  9. The scanner used in the banking industry- MICR.
  10. Access time is- made up of data transfer time.
  11. Laser printers are known as- page printers.
  12. F7 refers to- spell checking.
  13. The terms refer to the sharpness of image- resolution.
  14. The computer which is called midrange computer- Mini computer.
  15. If a computer on the network share resources for others to use, is called- Server.
  16. CTRL+ end key- to move to the bottom of the document.
  17. MICR stands for- Magnetic Inc Character Reader/ Recognition.
  18. ASCII stands for- American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
  19. One megabyte is equal to- 1024 kilobyte.
  20. The output quality of a printer is measured by- Dot per inch.
  21. JPG extension refers to- Image file.
  22. Another word for the CPU- Microprocessor.
  23. ORACLE is a- Database Software.
  24. Secondary Storage device- ROM.
  25. VSAT stands for- Very Small Aperture Terminal.
  26. Common keyboard arrangement is called- QWERTY.
  27. Which types of interface allow connecting, control musical instrument to computer- MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).
  1. Every web page has a unique address called- Uniform Resource Locator.
  2. LOTUS is an- Application package.
  3. In data communication which device converts digital data to analog signal- Modem.
  4. Which type of ROM is used in Pen Drive- EEP-ROM.
  5. IP is a- Layer 3 Protocol.
  6. F1 stands for- Help. 75. Elaboration of VIRUS- Vital Information Resource Under Seize.
  7. In a flowchart, a diamond generally stands for- Decision.
  8. EXE generally refers to- Executable file.
  9. The type of internet connection might be compared to a regular telephone call in terms of its duration-dial up.
  1. SCSI stands for- Small Computer System Interface.
  2. Which must do the return compressed files to their original state- Extract?
  3. The function of Gateway is- to connect two dissimilar networks.
  4. The ASCII Code of A is- 65.
  5. URL means- Uniform Resources Locator.
  6. RAM is-Volatile.
  7. OSI model has- 7 Layer.
  8. A record is a- collection of bytes.
  9. OMR means- Optical Mark Reader.
  10. Firmware is built using- ROM.
  11. Control unit- directs the movement of electrical signals.
  12. Flash memory is- nonvolatile.
  13. The most frequently used instructions are kept in the- Cache Memory.
  14. PCMCIA represents a standard for- Notebook.
  15. Which is an essential component of a LAN- NIC.
  16. In simplex transmission- data travel is only one direction at all times.
  17. Bandwidth means- Bit per inch.
  18. Bluetooth is the popular name for the- Wireless networking standard.
  19. CPU is combination of- Arithmetic logic & control unit.
  20. MSI stands for- Medium Scale Integrated Circuits.
  21. The name of the first Computer- ENIAC.
  22. A computer connected to the server is called- workstation.
  23. INTI extension refers to- System file.
  24. 1 nibble is equal to- 4 bites.
  25. LED stands for- Light Emitting Diode.
  26. DOS is a-Disk Operating System.
  27. BIOS is stored in a computer in its- ROM.
  28. BIOS is a- Software/ firmware.
  29. PDF stands for- Portable Document format.
  30. A cookie is a- Internet Information file.
  31. An electrical pathway within a computer is called- Bus.
  32. To open a new window- Ctrl+N.
  33. For launching slide Show- F5.
  34. Which number is used to store data in computer- Binary?
  35. Ctrl+C indicates- Copy.
  36. Predecessor of modern internet- ARPANET.
  37. Fastest data transmission media- Fiber optic cable.
  38. Full form of RAID- Redundant Array of Independent Disks.
  39. Which is most commonly used in HTTP methods- GET & POST?
  40. The Internet is an example of- Packet-switched network.
  41. Which memory application policy allocate the largest hole to the process- Worst fit.
  42. Which disk format can access by MS Dos 6.0?- FAT.
  43. Which memory needs a refresh- DRAM.
  44. The most commonly used encoding standard of Unicode- UTF 8.
  45. What is the full form of AT in the IBM PC AT- Advance Technology.
  46. In which mode windows start with only the core drivers & services- Safe mode.
  47. The physical connection between microprocessor memory & other parts is called- Address bus.
  1. Which language that computer can understand & execute- Machine language. 127. Chips are made up of millions of tiny parts known as- Transistors.
  2. What is the unit of measurement for drive access time- milliseconds.
  3. Which word in a web page when clicked, opens another document on the site- Hyperlink.
  1. Which key is to be pressed in a computer for moving to the beginning of a text-Home.
  1. The local antenna for satellite connection is called- VSAT.
  2. F12 indicates- Save as.
  3. ISP stands for- Internet Service Provider.
  4. What does a computer stand for storing programs & data for access by the user- Hard Drive.
  1. The term dot per inch refers to- Resolution.
  2. The printer is an- offline device.
  3. Computer terminals usually have- keyboard only.
  4. A unit of unit code comprise-16 bits.
  5. Disk storage is a special type of- memory.
  6. The small circuit board on which the main memory DRAM is physically packaged is called- DIMM.
  1. A destination for data going outside the system is called- Sink.
  2. The task of the debugging program is to look into all programs to- locate & correct errors.
  1. What does the computer process into information- data.
  2. Which is the most common type of storage device- Magnetic.
  3. What is the name of the structure where data move through a network- packets.
  4. The place value in a string of decimal digits is expressed by- powers of 10.
  5. The logic gate NOT has- one input & one output
  6. LCD stands for- Liquid Crystal Display. 149. The topology connects all computers in a network by a single cable with a terminal at each is called- ring.
  1. PROM chips- Permanently stores information without a program.
  2. The wheel of the mouse can make it easier to do what ?- Scroll through documents.
  3. Which of the following measures the speed of a dot matrix printer- CPS.
  4. The floppy disk is a- storage device.
  5. The hexadecimal number 9 is equal to- decimal 9.
  6. A complete microcomputer system consists of- Microprocessor.
  7. The computer stores its program & data in its- Memory.
  8. What kind of secondary storage is provided by magnetic disks- Slow speed high capacity.
  1. The brain of a computer within the CPU is- ALU.
  2. Which menu includes the command find- Format.
  3. Permanent memory of a computer- ROM.
  4. CRT stands for- Cathode Ray Tube.
  5. Magnetized bits on a disk surface are arranged along concentric rings known as- Tracks.
  1. 1-kilo byte is equal to-2^10 byte.
  2. Encryption of data means- Data is encoded so it cannot be read without decoding software.
  1. When a computer first turned on or restarted, a special type of absolute loader is executed, called- bootstrap loader.
  1. Each IP packets contain- Source & destination address.
  2. What does router do in a network- Determines on which outgoing link packet is to be forwarded.
  1. In a client/ server model, a client program- asks for information.
  2. Which is used to transfer file- FTP.
  3. Which organization defines the web standards- World Wide Web consortium. 171. The computer that has no hard disk storage but sends input & receives output from the server is known as- Thin client.
  1. The main circuit board in a PC is called- Motherboard.
  2. A network used for sharing data, software & hardware among the several users owning microcomputers is called-SAN.
  1. WWW stands for- World Wide Web.
  2. If electrical power is disrupted, data & programs are lost in RAM.
  3. UNIX is an- Operating System.
  4. WAN stands for- Wide Area Network.
  5. Windows is an- Operating system.
  6. MS Access is a- database software.
  7. Generally D drive is considerd for- hard disk drive.
  8. USB stands for- Universal Serial Bus.
  9. The computer use in operation what kind of mathematics-Boolean.
  10. GSM stands for- Global system for mobile.
  11. The utility program could improve the speed of disk- Defragmentation.
  12. One millisecond is equal to- 1000th of a second.
  13. Properly arranged data is called- Information.
  14. A byte has- 8 bits.
  15. The process of starting computer is- Boot.
  16. EBCDIC stands for-Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.
  17. What is the brain of a computer- CPU.
  18. What is the another name of Floppy Disk- Diskette?
  19. Which American computer company is called big blue- IBM.
  20. An integrated circuit is- Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip.
  21. What is the most important advantage of an integrated circuit Extremely high reliability?
  22. 195. What are two main components of a CPU- Control unit & ALU.
  1. Ctrl+I – Applies Italic.
  2. The intersections of a row & column are called- a cell.
  3. Ctrl+B- Bold.
  4. ATM stands for- Automated Teller machine.
  5. RAM stands for- Random Access Memory.
  6. Supercomputers are those which- can perform billions of calculations per second.
  7. The decimal equivalent of (101.110)2 is- 5.75.

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