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Supercharging Your Job Search

Joblessness is a problem often wrought with anxiety which can lead to tension. With the Bangladesh unemployment rate 4.1%, this is especially important. While not hitting the highs of 2009’s 5%, it’s nowhere near as low as 2008. What this adds up to is 2.5 million unemployed people in the workforce.

Job Search

For someone looking for a job, that’s a lot of competition. Job searches can be complicated and feel like you’re chasing the impossible, as many employers won’t even respond to acknowledge receipt of your application. This article will show you how to supercharge your application and perhaps stumble on an unusual well paying job you didn’t know you could do.

Supercharging Your Job Search

The Basic Principles

The first thing to consider when job searching is how you do it. Many people take a relaxed view towards finding employment when in reality you should treat discovering your new role as a full-time vocation to get the most out of a job seeking. This means getting out and about – only 20% of your job hunting should be via the internet, though the quality of online job searches has improved as Bangladesh recruiters link up with Australian companies.

You need to be persistent, and undeterred in the face of apparent rejection. The fact that a recruiter doesn’t contact you does not mean your application is wrong; a lot of job seeking can be up to chance. While some job searches may only take one week to reach fruition, but some take from 3 to 9 months.


Before you apply, research the company. See if any quirks or qualities would make you more appropriate, or a facet of your personality of professional acumen can satisfy. Make sure your CV reflects your abilities – and remember, you don’t need an expensive word processor to make a professional document, as is much good quality free word processing software out there. Show an awareness of the industry, like its trends and limitations. Finally, make sure you have a grasp of what the job requires, so when you get an interview, you’ll be ready to answer questions confidently.

Emphasize Your Qualities

Your qualities should be front, right, and center to show recruiters why you need to be at their company. Emphasize your first-hand experience that makes you relevant to a role and also make sure to back this up with your ‘soft skills’. These types of skills can’t be understated, and techie cab company Uber has emphasized soft skill importance.

Job searching can time-consuming, confusing and disheartening. However, there are plenty of ways you can mitigate the problems you face and put you on the road to performing well.

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