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Secret Tips to Reduce Age – Hide Real Age

If you are trying to hide your real age and trying to show that you are younger than your actual age, follow some basic rules provided here. Some secret tips to reduce your actual age can help you to hide your real age.

Reduce Your Age
Reduce Your Age

Is it really possible to reduce your age?

Some person asked me one day that is it really possible to reduce the actual yes. Literally the answer is “No”. But you can certainly lessen the mental age. If someone suddenly ask you that, “what’s your age?” you will get suddenly thundered that “Am I getting older?”

Our life is so small. If we want to live a happy life, we should decorate our lives, we need youthfulness, and we need vigor and vitality of mind.

When we say the youth, vigor and vitality, we remember the golden glory moments of the past. Past is only past with the melancholic feelings.

Age is a relative matter. Youthfulness, vigor and vitality reduce the mental age. It keeps the body and mind peacefully.

In the era of the twenty-first century, we all the people want to live a healthy life. We all are concern of our health, our aging, our anti-aging formulas etc.

Reduce your Mental Age First

Mental Age
Mental Age

Aging can old your body but not your mind. But if you are mentally youthful, it will keep your mind evergreen.

Always try to be Tension Free

Tension Free
Tension Free

Always try to be tension less, be happy and keep your mind joyful. Everyone is busy in this machine world. Nobody has time to give a little time to our little mind.  We can see the dead of the body, but we can’t see the dead of the soul. So, do whatever you like. Some like listening music, some like watching movies, some like gossiping, some like to give a tour. Try every possible way to cheer up your mind.

But remember that, the doing should not be harmful to your bodies. Soul can’t remain healthy without a healthy body.

Try To Get Your Body Fit

Fit Body

Always try to get your body fit. The shape of your body has a clear impaction on your mind. Fatty people naturally look like old. Eat moderately to improve your body shape and do some physical exercise regularly. Don’t eat too much fatty foods. Eat vegetables and fruits more. Drink lot of water. Try to give a regular morning walk.

Get Some Colorful Dress – Avoid Black and White Dresses

Colorful Dress
Colorful Dress

Dress has some immense effect on age determination. Get some colorful dresses. It will reduce both your mental and physical age. There are different colors dresses basically they are printed ones. Printed and colored dresses reduce the age of the people. On the other hand Black and White dresses make you look like older. Try to war the latest trendy fashion dresses. Try to keep pace with the time.

Remember that “Dress” Actually cannot reduce the actual age, rather it gives the feel to be younger.

Be Friendly

If you are pretend to be old, talk less, cant share the inner feelings with other, you will find yourself that you cannot fit yourself in the society. You cannot be friendly when you will be away. Friendliness is one of the best virtues of human. It’s a great achievement of own to become friendly with all. This will help you a lot to remain evergreen.

Get Your Skin Care to reduce your age

Try to keep your skin intact. With the aging process, our skin got some changes. You have to take some special care to get your skin nourished and vitalized.

That’s all about Secret Tips to Reduce Age – Hide Real Age


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