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School Tiffin Tips – How should It Be | Cheap Tricks

School tiffin is definitely a bad headache for every mother for early school going children. You can look after your child when they are in home, but when they are on outside with their friends Tiffin is definitely a matter of worry. Most of the children go to school with hurry in the morning. They cant take their morning breakfast most of the times.

Why Mother Should Consider – “Tiffin is important for Child”

If you are a mother and trying to understand that Tiffin is important for Child or not, I am going to say straight forward that – School Tiffin is very important meal for school going children. As they are on the school without their morning breakfast, School Tiffin is the first meal for them. After the tiffin, they have to starve till lunch. So, one third body calories are coming from the first meal “Tiffin”

School-TiffinIdeal Tiffin Policy

The meal should be of adequate calories. Proteins and Carbohydrates should be proportionate. Carbohydrates will provide the energy of laughing, singing, playing and dancing. Proteins will meet up the body building needs. Don’t forget to add some vitamins and minerals rich diet to it. Vitamins and minerals provide the safe guard of skin, teeth, bones and immunity to your little angels.

Foods You Should Avoid On Tiffin

There are some foods that you should avoid in the tiffin menu. Excess fatty and oily foods, fast foods, junk foods, chocolates, ice-cream should be avoided in the tiffin menu. They slow the propagation of foods in the intestines of the school going children. So they won’t be hungry and when they will back, they will not take their lunch adequately.

Burgers and chicken fry contain massive amount of calories, fats and salts that is very injurious for child’s health. Moreover, if child takes this kind of foods every day, they will be obese and face the problem of excess weight.

Cheap Menu Tricks for School Tiffin

1) Give you child dry and easily carry able tiffin. Avoid Oily and gravy foods in tiffin. Though they might be tasty, it is tough to eat gravy foods on tiffin. Quick Tip: Give the child tiffin like they can eat it with spoon.

2) Avoid foods that easily rotten with time. In summer season if you give bottle milk to your child, they will be rotten, and the children may got sick eating that.

3) Avoid foods that are not homemade. Nuggets, Ham, Sausage, Tins and Frozen foods are not healthy for tiffin menu. Try to provide some basic homemade foods even they taste bad.

4) Give a water bottle! Everyday soft drinks and can drinks will increase the risk of cancers. They will be overweight, fatty. Obesity is common problem for those children.

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