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Dynamic or Static Sitemap Which is Better for SEO point of View

Dynamic or Static Sitemap is a great issue of SEO. The Best Sitemap Plugin of WordPress “Google XML Sitemap” is generating dynamic Sitemap with multiple indexes of sitemap. But which is better for SEO point of view or the best suitable option to submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster tools.

Best is Single Static Sitemap with no sub sitemap

After doing lost of research on different websites, I have come to point that Single Static Sitemap is best for both Google, Bing webmaster tools for submission, crawl and SEO. If you can generate both .xml and .xml.gz (gzipped sitemap) that will be more better.

Google XML Sitemaps is used by most of the websites, it creates sitemap by PHP call so no static sitemap is saved on the server. So whenever any bot looks for Sitemap like it creates the sitemap on the fly. The Point of dynamic is that you don’t have to run the sitemap manually so whenever Bot Crawls the sitemap it give the Bot PHP generated auto sitemap.

Dynamic Sitemap Problem is:

The Most Used Sitemap Plugin Of WordPress

1. Google XML Sitemap

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast Sitemap

This Google XML Sitemap Sitemap now generates sub sitemaps like

So, more the age of the Blog, More the Number of Sub Sitemaps, Even the post number in single month is low, its quite frustrating.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Sitemap does the same thing with less index, but more with the tags the more with the sitemap indexes, though you control it from the index number from the sitemaps.






Another Thing, If you used Google CSE (Google Custom Search Engine), You already knew that Google Custom Search Engine Doesn’t Support Multiple Sitemap Indexes.

There are another big issue that it something causes confliction with Caching Plugin. So If you don’t have the static sitemap on the server you cant get it properly rendered every time.

Solution is Static Sitemap but Which Plugin I Prefer?

Better Shift to any static sitemap generator Plugin, For that I have two solutions, Those who are using “Google XML Sitemap” better shift to “Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate” It is the same plugin just generates the sitemap both XML and GZ with static in server.

For this the Sitemap link will be same as sitemap.xml
If you are already using “All in One SEO Pack” you are on the right track. I suggest you to use it instead of “WordPress SEO by Yoast Sitemap”.

In All in One SEO Sitemap, Give it like below image. If you were using Yoast Sitemap before change sitemap to sitemap_index.

Don’t Tick on index here too.

Sitemap Issue

The Ultimate Control is Manual Method to Generate Sitemap

You have to click update sitemap on All in One SEO sitemap after publishing any post or edit. It is the drawback of this static sitemap generator of All in One SEO pack.

Last Words About Sitemap

Many of the visitors are asking me the same question again and again the sitemap.xml or sitemap.xml.gz is best to submit Google Webmaster. The answer is really simple. If you are generating the g zipped sitemap with static on the server, go for sitemap.xml.gz. Otherwise go for normal sitemap.xml

Don’t forget to use this in robots.txt for optimum results.

Best Robots.txt with Sitemap Link

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-includes/
Disallow: /xmlrpc.php

Change the sitemap links with yours. 😉 If you have still any confusion about “Dynamic or Static Sitemap Which is Better for SEO point of View” Please feel free to take part in discussion.

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