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Food Poisoning of Bangladesh

food poisoning

Food poisoning is an acute gastro-enteritis caused by ingestion of food or drink contaminated with either living bacteria or their toxins or inorganic chemical substances and poisons derived from plants and animals. Food poisoning is characterized by a. History of ingestion of common food. b. Attack of many persons at the same time c. Similarity […]

2nd Merit List of National University Admission 2015


National University has published the honours admission result 2014-15 today (18 Jan 2015). National University authority already published a notice about the admission procedure with time frame.   National University Release Slip Collection From 23 February to 2 March National University has annouced that students can apply for release slip from 23 February to 2 March. […]

Tie Yourself for the Frisking World Cup


Have you prepared yourself for the greatest of the great extravaganza starting from this month? Well, in case you haven’t, then you are going to miss a lot, which you surely don’t want to. Following are the few major accessories that can revitalize your world cup jubilation. Owning an official kit Owning an official kit […]

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