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How To Use Goal-Setting To Unlock Better Productivity At Work

With studies highlighting that workforce productivity in Bangladesh remained low compared to other countries in 2018, productivity is on the minds of many when it comes to the workplace. With productivity being a key factor in the success of any industry, it often starts with the employees themselves. Whether you work from home or in a busy office, maximizing your productivity doesn’t have to be difficult – especially if you start by setting goals.


The benefits of setting goals

A 2015 study found that setting goals improved employee performance by 12-15%. Setting both short and long term goals at work can do wonders to increase your productivity. Not only can setting goals provide a sense of direction in your workday, but by simply writing down your goals and keeping them on your desk as a reminder, you can stay motivated and focused on what needs to get done – ultimately leading to maximum performance. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep track of your past goals and progress, allowing you to build up to bigger goals in the future, boosting workplace productivity and success.

Preventing procrastination

For many, procrastination can get in the way of setting and achieving goals, especially while in the workplace. For that reason, preventing procrastination can be a major game-changer. One of the best ways to do so is by utilizing the two-minute rule, which involves taking two minutes out of your time to start a new habit that you may otherwise put off doing, as well as doing any task that you can complete in just two minutes. In doing so, you’ll be able to approach seemingly difficult tasks in an easy and simple way, whether it be writing an important but dreaded email or making copies. Ultimately, this method can lead to the completion of many tasks and result in higher levels of productivity in the workplace.

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Goal-setting outside of the office

Maximizing your productivity doesn’t have to be done solely within the office, as setting goals to develop and maintain a healthy daily routine can go a long way. A good routine should balance work and personal needs without interference from one another, which can enhance your productivity through a newfound focus. Getting into a routine can easily be done by creating healthy habits by making smaller goals, like planning to eat three meals each day and getting enough sleep. For that reason, making daily goals to go to get into a regular sleep routine can also make a major difference, whether you sleep in a long chunk or use a polyphasic sleep schedule, which allows you to sleep in shorter increments throughout the day. This can be a great opportunity to get more work done, though taking time away from your job altogether can also be a great goal to have, and can lead to improved productivity on your return.

In today’s day and age, it’s easy to become overly immersed in your work, which can lead to exhaustion and work burnout, eventually resulting in minimal productivity. By setting regular goals to take a break once in a while, you can recharge and maintain good stamina for the job itself. This can ultimately lead to better focus and more work getting done, thus greatly increasing levels of productivity. In fact, one professor at the University of Mannheim in Germany found that taking time away from work can make you more productive and engaged while at work, and 64% of those who did take time away said they felt refreshed and even excited to get back to work – proving that it’s an effective and healthy goal to set for any employee.

No matter the industry, productivity is often a goal and a top priority for many in the workforce. By setting goals to minimize procrastination, develop a healthy routine and take breaks, you’re sure to easily unlock your potential for better productivity in the workplace each and every day.

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