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UberNet in Shahbag Aziz Super Market Now

Ubernet a sister concern of Mir Telecom Ltd. has introduced their Internet Service at Aziz Super Market. Recently on 1 January 2016, we have seen their advertisement on every floor of Aziz Housing Society Complex. Their main promotion is to take no connection fee for Aziz Hosing City dwellers.

BCL internet Service is still the renowned internet provider in Aziz Super Market. I am using their service, and so far their service and support is up to the mark. Their Contact number is 01830 – 300169 (Imran – please refer Dr. Toufiq (1-O) if you want to get the special preference.

Uber Net in Shahbag Aziz Super Market Now

Ubernet is now promising different internet package at a low price.

Their lowest internet package offers 1 Mbps line speed with 6 Mbps Youtube speed for only 500 taka. Their highest package offers 8 Mbps line speed with 33 Mbps Youtube speed for only 500 taka.


Their Official Website is: which says

Ubernet offers Point to Point and Point to Multipoint IP Transit over MPLS backbone across major cities in the country converging voice, video and data network with satisfactory performance levels using Robust and uninterrupted service.

Ubernet provides prudential IPTSP solution to facilitate internet users with an alternative and economical way of communicating. Home users, business users can take advantage of this service and make unlimited calls to another IPTSP client with a very low cost.

Contact Address and Number of ubernet




Red Crescent Borak Tower-2(Level-7)

71-72 Old Elephant Road,

Eskaton Garden, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

IP Phone: +8809601501500

BTCL: +88029354812, 9354821

Fax: +88 02 9354793


Other Services they Offer:

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We will soon review their service and will give their review below. Till then give feedback and help others to rate ubernet service from mir telecom.

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