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Robi Internet Offer 2020 | All Robi Internet Pack List 2020

Robi Offer 2020

The Robi is offering all the exciting Robi Internet Offer 2020. Robi is one of the best telecom service providers in Bangladesh. Besides, millions of people use Robi all over the country. So, Robi always offers beneficial internet packs for users. You can avail of all these offers at a low price. Moreover, the Robi Internet Packs include long time validity. Most importantly, you should know the Robi Internet Pack Offer List 2020. So, we are here to show you all the important information about Robi Internet Offer 2020.

Robi Internet Offers 2020

Usually, in 2020, Robi has so many exclusive internet offers. Besides, there are both small and large Robi Internet Packs. Anytime, all the local customers of Robi can avail of these offers. Particularly, Robi ensures their best offers for both prepaid and postpaid users. Likewise, you can also enjoy the internet packages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Besides, you can also enjoy Robi Social Media Internet Pack Offers. So, Let’s see the latest Robi Internet Offer List 2020.

All Robi Internet Offer List 2020

Well, there are multiple types of Robi Internet Offer Packs. For instance, there are some offer packs at cheap prices. Then, some packages are of medium prices. Lastly, some Robi Internet Packs are of higher prices. Besides, the offer’s price depends on the internet volume and validity. On the other hand, Robi provides their offers with daily, weekly and monthly validity. So, you can pick your offer according to your choice. Here is the list of Robi Internet Offer 2020.

Total VolumeOffer PriceValidityActivation Code
250 MB46 Taka28 Days*123*110#
500 MB27 Taka3 Days*123*027#
750 MB74 Taka14 Days*123*0074#
1 GB23 Taka3 Days*123*230#
1 GB41 Taka3 Days*123*41#
1 GB48 Taka4 Days*123*48#
1 GB128 Taka28 Days*123*128#
1.1 GB101 Taka7 Days*123*101#
1.5 GB48 Taka3 Days*123*48#
1.5 GB209 Taka30 Days*123*209#
2 GB54 Taka3 Days*123*54#
2 GB239 Taka28 Days*123*239#
3 GB61 Taka3 Days*123*061#
3 GB108 Taka7 Days*123*108#
4 GB108 Taka7 Days*123*0108#
4 GB316 Taka28 Days*123*316#
4.5 GB129 Taka7 Days*123*0129#
6 GB148 Taka7 Days*123*148#
7 GB399 Taka7 Days*123*399#
10 GB199 Taka7 Days*123*0199#
10 GB501 Taka28 Days*123*501#
15 GB649 Taka28 Days*123*649#

Robi Social Media Internet Offer 2020

Nowadays, people are bound to use social media apps. Therefore, Robi is offering exciting internet packs for using social media. That is to say, you can avail individual internet packs for multiple apps. For instance, Robi provides their internet packs for using Facebook, Whatsapp, IMO and so on. Also, there are amazing internet offers for playing PUBG. Besides, you can avail these exciting offers at cheap  prices and long time validity. So, let’s see the list of Robi Social Media Internet Offer Packs.

Total VolumeOffer PriceValidityActivation Code
100 MB (FB + IMO)10 Taka3 Days*123*0010#
200 MB (100 MB FB + 100 MB IMO)19 Taka3 Days*123*019#
350 MB (IMO)20 Taka28 Days*123*56#
350 MB (FB + Whatsapp)18 Taka28 Days*123*0250#
800 MB (600 MB FB + 200 MB)49 Taka7 Days*123*049#
1 GB (PUBG)33 Taka30 Days*123*033#
1 GB (FB + Whatsapp)49 Taka30 Days*123*250#
1 GB (IMO)53 Taka28 Days*123*056#

Robi Internet Pack Terms & Conditions

Usually, there are some terms and conditions of Robi. Most importantly, to avail the offer packs, you have to know the rules and regulations. So, here are the terms and conditions according to Robi official website.

Final Words

Well, it is all about Robi Internet Offer 2020. Basically, all these offers are mainly for Robi users. You can check the official website of Robi for the latest internet offers. However, we have provided all the latest and updated internet offers of Robi. So, you can purchase your New SIM Offer easily. Thanks for being with us.

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