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How to Open Free Skrill Account Step by Step

Skrill account is essential to transact money from freelancer. If you are residence of Bangladesh. And you have no other option to verify your payment method in; you need to open a skrill account. Today i will show you how you can open and verify your skrill account step by step.

How to open Free Skrill Account Step By Step

Step 0 to open Free Skrill account:

First you have to go this Banner 85x47

You will see the below page, find the “sign up for free” button. If you don’t find that button, that means, the slider has already slide. Go to first page of the slider. You will see that 4 yellow button that indicates the slider page. Click the first yellow button to get the first slider and click on “sign up for free” button.

Screenshot 1:


Step 1 guideline to open Free Skrill account:

Then you will see the account sign up page for Skrill. You have to fill up the certain information of yours to get thorough the second step. Necessary information to fill the step 2 of skrill is:

Screenshot 2:


1)      Account type (Personal or business)

2)      Country (Which country are you from?)

3)      Currency (Which currency you prefer to transaction, I recommend it as USD as US Dollar)

4)      As personal Details You need to give

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Address line 1 and 2
  4. City
  5. Postal Code
  6. Mobile Number ( As country prefix Bangladesh +880 will be automatically given)

After completing this step, you need to proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 guideline to open Free Skrill account:

In this Step two, you have to give your account credentials to open that new account. You have to give your

Screenshot 3:


1)      Email Address ( Vital because on this Skrill will send verification mail) (Better you login first to your email, in case your old email address and you forgot the password)

2)      Date of Birth (Necessary to remember, if you want to authorize skrill from another service like Freelancer, you have to remember it)

3)      Password (8 Character necessary, atleast 1 number)

4)      Captcha

5)      Box Tick (Tick the box if you want to get future exclusive offers from skrill)

After completing this step, you need to click accept and create account. If you click you will see

Screenshot 4:


Then you have to login to your email address and click the verify link sent by Skrill.

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