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Online Assessment Systems on Web and Microsoft Azure

Today I was searching about “Online Assessment Systems on The web and Microsoft Azure” and found a very useful and handy website to learn “Microsoft Azure”. And it is Janison.

What is Janison?

Janison’s latest innovation in Online Learning is the Cloud Learning System (CLS) for Learning Management & Online Assessment. They are calling it “Cloud Learning System“.

Janison - Cloud Based Learning Program
Janison – Cloud Based Learning Program

CLS is a highly scalable and advanced platform that has delivered tangible results for our clients. The CLS enables you to deliver online learning simply and quickly, across a variety of different platforms and devices.

What are Learning Management Systems?

A Learning Management System (or LMS, as they’re often called) allows trainers to use software to help distribute and manage huge amounts of learning material to pupils in a classroom, office, or just about anywhere. And with many cloud-based LMS programs, modifying courses and scaling them up or down is fast and easy.

Janison provides the most innovative, leading-edge solutions that deliver engaging and enjoyable learning experiences for your learners, bottom line business benefits and measurable improvements to the delivery of your learning and assessment strategies.

You can contact them in here:

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Janison is the forefront of innovation in the development and delivery of award-winning learning and assessment technologies that improve the performance of organisations and the learning experiences of employees and students, around the globe.

Read their Success stories here: Success Story – 500,000 users and growing!

How Janison Learning Programs Works

As educators and technologists, Janison has been working to improve the way technology is used to deliver education and training for many years. Our passion is to help you deliver your learning strategies and to provide quality and engaging experiences for learners.

Online Assessment Systems for The web and Microsoft Azure

Janison is a world #SaaS leader in the development of #cloud #learning and #assessment technologies. Janison is always looking at new ways to add value to the online learning and assessment space… which is why they’ve introduced new ‘Question Types’ for Assessment Modules.

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