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Medical tourism companies in India – Saving lives since ever!

Medical tourism in India has been preferred over a long time. People find the suitable treatment here. Medical Tourism companies in India plays an important role in attracting the customers from all over the world. Most people come from the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc.
India has provided great success results in the most complex surgeries and the patients have returned back to their home with happy faces. One such miracle took place with a patient from Bangladesh who came to India for a very complex treatment and went back happily.

The success story of Sabbir Majumdar

Sabbir Majumdar came from Meherpur, which is a small district in Bangladesh. The doctors in Bangladesh dropped his case as he was suffering from a serious heart problem. He was then suggested to travel to India for getting better medical care. Sabbir was afraid to leave his native place, but one of his relatives convinced him to arrive in India. His relative then searched for a guide who could give them all the details about the travel. He then found ClinicSpots and trusted it with his and Sabbir’s travel. He sent Sabbir’s reports to ClinicSpots which was then sent to the suitable doctor. Based on the opinion given by the doctor, their travel was planned. ClinicSpots took care of the other services like airport pick-up and drop budget-friendly accommodation.
As soon as they arrived in India, they were picked up from the airport and then with the help of ClinicSpots they got a budget-friendly accommodation.

Sabbir was treated successfully at one of the most renowned hospitals in India. A huge team of well-experienced doctors performed a complex surgery for 8 long hours and finally got successful. Sabbir returned back with full satisfaction and a blessing of a happy and a long life.

India is not only a place rich in culture and heritage but it has been a safe shelter for people seeking medical help. People trust India with their travel because of the welcoming nature they get. The hospitals here are super-qualified and the doctors are way too experienced. People get here a proper treatment as the hospitals here have advanced equipment. India is looking forward to welcoming more and more people from abroad and to give them miraculous results.

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