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Hair Loss Causes and Solutions [Infographic]


Hair loss is a very common problem these days. The causes of the hair loss can be depression, lack of protein, anaemia or chemotherapy and low vitamins levels in the body too. Some other causes may include hormonal alterations that occur during puberty, menopause or pregnancy.

If you want to know the essential vitamins for preventing hair loss please follow this article. Many people losses there here only for not taking the proper vitamins in their food. A good infographic about the recommended vitamins for hair fall prevention is given.

Some easy solutions to hair fall include taking the protein-rich diet. Eating fish can result in the lustrous and long hair. Proper oiling of hairs and massaging scalp weekly can also show some positive results. Avoiding heat on your scalp can also prevent hair loss as over-styling and using too much hair products also is the cause of hair loss hence must be prevented.

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Hair Loss Causes and Solutions [Infographic]

Hair Loss Causes and Solutions

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