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[Fixed] Microsoft Word Document Missing on Right Click Menu

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I recently installed a software on my Windows 10 laptop and rebooted as recommended. However, after the reboot, I could not create a new word document as I usually did: Right-click > New. There is no Microsoft Word Document on the list! Now I can only open Word program first, then create a new file and save it, but it is super inconvenient. Plz, help!

Almost everyone has been used to create new Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents via right-click menu. What if the option is not available? This is not an imaginary fear. It has happened to a lot of people that Microsoft Word shortcut is missing from the right-click menu all of a sudden, which can drive people crazy. Don’t worry. Though it is hard to find the exact cause from various candidates, there is always a solution to fix Microsoft Word Document missing problem. In this tutorial, you will learn two solutions to fix this problem.

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Method 1. Repair Microsoft Office

More often than not, the error appears as a glitch of Microsoft Office due to accidental deletion of some vital files. In this case, we can repair the app with its automatic fixing feature.

Step 1. Go to Program Manager.

For Windows 10, click Start menu > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features.

Apps & Feature Windows 10

For Windows 7/8/10, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.

Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features

Step 2. Find and select Microsoft Office, and choose Modify (or Change).

Step 3. Select Repair and follow the wizard to finish repairing.


The repairing should finish in a short time. After that, try again to create a new Word document right-click menu. If it doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall of Microsoft Office is also an option to try.


Method 2. Close Apps that Cause Conflict

Sometimes you may find that Microsoft Word Document appears in right-click menu but disappears in one or two seconds. The issue is usually caused by third-party software. A temporary solution is to find and close the software and related processes. Here is a collection of apps reported by people on the internet: Dropbox, Teamviewer, SnagIt.


Step 1. Close the apps from the desktop. If the problem persists, then you need to close the process in Task Manager.

Step 2. Right-click on the bottom bar and choose Task Manager.

Step 3. If a small window pops up, click More details.

More details Windows 10

Step 4. In Processes tab, select the app from background processes, then click End task button on the bottom-right corner.

End Task

Step 5. Check if the problem has been solved. If not, repeat the operations the close all possible third-party apps.

If you find the problem solved after closing the app processes, congratulations, you find the cause. If you don’t want to remove the third-party apps completely, then you can try updating it to the latest version, in which the bug may have been fixed. Or feel free to ask us to recommend a solution or alternative apps for you.

In case you lose important word documents, check the best file recovery software to get them back. It can retrieve the deleted word, excel PowerPoint, PDF documents as well as photos, videos and more files from computer hard disk, USB flash stick, SD memory card.

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Tell us if Microsoft Word Document missing from right-click menu problem is fixed or not in your computer. We will be glad to hear good news from you, but also willing to help you further until the problem is solved.

You can also browse for more useful tips and tricks here. Kindly share your thoughts and opinions with us.


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