Gokano – Scam or Genuine? A True Review


Gokano is the site where you can get free gifts after collecting some points, they said that GN. After answering or voting a single question, you can collect GN. Then after collecting the GN, you can redeem the gifts from 3 categories which are gadgets, accessories and electronics. Final Decision From Me: Gokano is a spam site. Their cheating is […]

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Migrate OS to HDD-SSD Free Software

Free Partion Software

Migrating Operating System to one hard disk to another hard disk is sometimes very much necessary. If you previously using normal HDD, and you like to get some blessing fast Operating System, you may have thought of using SSD. Migrate OS to HDD-SSD Free Software What’s the main burden of Migrating Operating System? If you want to normal copy-paste your C: […]

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Advantages of Working With A Professional Online Business Directory in Bangladesh


Advantages of working with a professional online business directory in Bangladesh Bangladesh has in the recent past become one of the most sought after countries when it comes to some online businesses. Establishing a business in this particular Asian country can be relatively difficult. This is because the population demands a lot, which simply means that you need to be […]

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Best Free Partition Software for Windows without Losing Data

Best Free Partition Software for Windows

If you are looking for best partition software to partition your raw partition drive C without losing any data, I can advise you the best Partition Software which is free as well as best. Many of the users of abroad like US, Canada when buying laptop they got only one partition (Drive C). But sometimes it is very irritating for […]

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Online Assessment Systems on Web and Microsoft Azure

Janison - Cloud Based Learning Program

Today I was searching about “Online Assessment Systems on The web and Microsoft Azure” and found a very useful and handy website to learn “Microsoft Azure”. And it is Janison. What is Janison? Janison’s latest innovation in Online Learning is the Cloud Learning System (CLS) for Learning Management & Online Assessment. They are calling it “Cloud Learning System“. CLS is […]

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