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Bone Cyst: Bone Tumour? Easy MBBS

Bone Cyst: Bone Tumour? Easy MBBS

Pathology of Bone Cyst:

It begins as a spherical lesion but as it enlarges it tends to become oblong. It tends to lie centrally rather than grow eccentrically. The remaining cortex may appear expanded in all direction. The lining membrane consists of flimsy fibrous tissue and often containing giant cell. After a pathological fracture, the lesion often heals spontaneously.


Clinical Features of Bone Cyst:

Symptom less-Unless a pathological fracture occurs.

Bone Cyst X ray
X-ray of a Bone Cyst in Humerus

X-ray of Bone Cyst:

Well demarcated radiolucent area in the metaphysis, often extended up to the metaphyseal plate. The cortex may be thinned and the bone expanded.

Differential Diagnosis of Bone Cyst:

  1. Non ossifying fibroma
  2. Fibrous dysplasia
  3. Cartilage tumour

Investigation of Bone Cyst:

Needle inserted under x-ray control. The straw colored fluid will be withdrawn.

Treatment of Bone Cyst:

Asymptomatic lesion:

Left alone.

Advised to avoid injury.

Active bone Cyst: Sequential x-ray shows the cyst is abutting against the physical plate.

Bone Cyst with pathological fracture:

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