Hyperthyroidism – Sign and Symptoms

 Hyperthyroidism: Sign & Symptoms


Hyperthyroidism: Signs and Symptoms (mnemonic)-“THYROIDISM”

T = Tremor

H = Heart rate up

Y =Yawning [fatigability]

R = Restlessness

O = Oligomenorrhea & amenorrhea

I = Intolerance to heat,

D =Diarrhea

I = Irritability

S = Sweating

M = Musle wasting & weight loss

E = Exophthalmos

Symptoms Signs
Weight loss despite normal or increased appetite Weight loss
Heat intolerance Palmar erythema
Palpitations Sinus tachycardia
Dyspnoea Lid retraction, lid lag
Irritability, emotional lability
Less common
Osteoporosis (fracture, loss of height) Goitre with bruit
Diarrhoea, steatorrhoea Atrial fibrillation
Angina Systolic hypertension/increased pulse pressure
Ankle swelling
Anxiety, psychosis Cardiac failure
Muscle weakness Hyper-reflexia
Periodic paralysis (predominantly in Chinese) Ill-sustained clonus
Pruritus Proximal myopathy
Alopecia Bulbar myopathy
Infertility, spontaneous abortion
Loss of libido, impotence
Excessive lacrimation
Reference: Davidson 21st

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