Recently, I am observing that my Google Adsense earning is very low. With keen observation, I analysis the data of Adsense. Performance reports of my various channels with AD CPC, AD RPM and Visitors with each specific channel on Excel with three separate sites analytic. The three separate monitors are: 1)      Histats 2)      Google Analytics 3)      Quantcast Each of them is very renowned for their analytic service. Now come to the basic point of my low revenue.


My Google Adsense Revenue is lower than Previous Month, But Why?

Basically, I am a good blogger. (Of course I demand it from my site! If I myself call me a White Hat Blogger. I don’t do Black SEO, I don’t do over SEO or use any AdSense revenue increasing plugin for WordPress. So, I am not writing the post on focus keyword base, My post is bizarre but very basic ones. My revenue of past three to four months was quite satisfactory. But this month I am a little bit astonished that suddenly google drops my revenue on a large scale. Don’t know why, but it’s true. The visitors are same as before with same page landing keyword. First I thought that if I change some ad types like 300_250 ad size should be replaced by 336_280 ad size. I have tried so many combinations. But nothing gives the right solution. When generating the new Ad code for new Adslot I have found that Google has introduced beta version and code of Asynchronous Script. Basically, Synchronous Javascript increases your page load time with each ad slot load each javascript. You will think that, what it matters, I have godspeed! That’s not the fact. It troubles the visitors when you placed max ads like (3 Ads with 2 Link Ads) You can see the visual Graph Here Sync Vs Async Link Image taken: On Stackoverflow We got: “At a very basic level, you use an asynchronous mode when you want the call to occur in the background and asynchronous mode when you want your code to wait until the call has completed. The asynchronous mode is the usual approach for AJAX calls, as you generally attach a callback function to the on ready state change event so that you can respond when the server-side data is ready, rather than waiting for the data to arrive.” Link: So I Have changed my mind I shifted to Google Async Ad code.

I am using Google Async code but Revenue is falling more rapidly…

The Async code appears very late if the site is fast and with heavy javascript (All Async I consider). The visitors got the posts very early than ads appears. So basically its one of the reasons of falling revenue. Though I have got relevant ads on my sites I think google is still experimenting is ad code ( It is sure moron, that’s why it is in Beta Mode). But I am confused maybe introducing two different methods  of ad code is malfunctioning the ad, monitors. My pageviews of histats and Quantcast are far more than the adsense shows as page views.

My hypothesis regarding this low revenue was below:

  • Google has some server issue with Ad monitors it may be local or regional or country specific or
  • Google is punishing some accounts or
  • Google is really lowering its revenue
  • Google has renewed its algorithm for AdSense.

My point is: Google is experimenting its ad for more involvement of business giants. Maybe some people are affected by its experiments or unstable ad monitor system. But I think Google should always give the priority to the basic bloggers or basic bloggers. They should not be biased to the commercial giants or molding their Google Search Engine and Google Adsense with Algorithm. This kind of sudden change in Algorithm can hampers lots of people in various ways. If you are facing this same type of problems just tweet this with a hashtag: #adsense #googleadsense @adsensept @adsense Feel free to express your feelings with below Facebook comment box. Thank you Toufiq Hassan (Admin of Bangladesh Result)

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